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Video: White Guy Beaten on Metro After Saying N-Word

A white passenger on Metro's Green Line purportedly dropped the n-word recently to terrible results, according to a new YouTube video posted on the Unsuck D.C. Metro Facebook page.

For his part, the agitated white passenger claims in the footage that another passenger called him a "faggot." But the white passenger's racial slur escalated the situation, judging by the video, with several passengers starting to berate him.

Things even uglier around 1:30, when the white passenger sees that he's being filmed. He appears to reach out to grab or slap the camera, but instead gets pushed onto the Metro seat by other passengers. There's only few seconds of footage, but at least two people are covering him, and one of them is making punching motions. As the scuffle ends, one passenger yells out, "That's what you get, motherfucker." At the end of the video, the white passenger is standing up again.

Update, 5:00 p.m.: Metro says police are investigating the incident.

Update, 4:23 p.m.: Dropped use of "alleged" because he clearly says the racial slur at 1:02.

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  • lovessoldier

    My poor little 60 square mile city. Is this what it has come to? Sad day to be a Washingtonian...

  • plow

    no one should ever call anyone nigger or faggot.
    that people even call themselves either words makes me sick.

  • Just Me

    Seems like he got beaten when he made the first move to strike the person filming, not because he said the N-word. Very inappropriate headline.

  • H. Lewis Smith

    The following is why prevailing racist attitudes exist still to this very day -

  • Nic S.

    Someone calls him a faggot, he calls someone a nigger. Someone threatens to cut his throat. How come it's only the white guy getting called out? Everyone on this video come across as disgusting to me. And I agree with "Just Me" that the headline incorrectly describes him as being beaten for using the N-word. It escalated to violence when he slapped the camera. Stop sensationalizing everything.

  • chicagoan

    He's pretty clearly beaten for hitting the camera, not for saying the n-word. Please edit this headline.

  • Will Sommer

    It's clear that the racial slur lead to the pile-on, with the camera slap as the most immediate cause. Still, headline edited for maximum clarity.

  • April

    Yes, the headline is incorrect. But if he was beaten by for only saying nigger and not the phone, would that somehow make it different? He most certanly was hit for calling them niggers, slapping the phone was simply the tiping point. That is not a slant, that's the footage. Most of the people on the train had amazing restraint in that they did NOT beat him up for saying that, in fact many of the women were tryingto tell him calmly how bad the word was. Both sides calling names was wrong. Faggot is a horrible name, and my daughter and I do not allow others to call anyone that. As a black women, I am clearly aware that we often use the word nigger amongst and to each other. Yes it is wrong, because we are not and never have been niggers. Yet every sub-culture/ community has done the same linguisticly. It comes from a false belief that we can "own" the word and that will lessen the pain and make memories less vivid. But as you see it doesn't. Nigger was a term created and to deferinciate humans (white people) from their chattel/animals (black people), whom they legally "owned". A word used not just to make someone mad, but a word specifically created and used to "keep us in our place", to remind ud of our "natural" inferiority, and who was in control of us. I know folks will run to dismiss my comments, tell me Im living in the past, despite the fact that this was just yesterday. However, they have the PRIVLEDGE to do so. Just like that man had the PRIVLEDGE to think he coould slap that phone out of that woman's hand. In his mind, she is nothing. Hense he egged them on by saying they could do nothing to him, because they are niggers. In my experience nigger was the word used before they lynched a relative of mine, you may have heard of him, Emmitt Till. That is what they called both my great uncle and grandfather while their fellow marines beat and tortured them so bad they were in the hospital for weeks. My great grandmother died a few years ago, she was 97,her mother had been born on a plantation, had stories I wish weren't even part of our family history. As a black person having a white man call you a nigger brings up a rage that is unimaginable to someone who is not black. All of that history, all of our personal, family and community trauma wells up instantaneously. I am so sick and tired of this being down played. How can anyone doubt that which they have never experienced, and can not because they are not black. I grew up on a farm in Colorado one of only two black families. I was taunted horribly with this word by my peers all through school and a time or two by adults. I am only 33. Perhaps in the future this kind of exchange would not be so volitile, but not untill EVERYONE understands and ginuineley acknowledges what the word comes with.

  • April

    Absolutely @ H. Lewis watch the backlash on this thread....

  • Ben

    Stay classy, DC

  • Will Sommer, how is it pretty clear that the racial slur lead to the pile on?? Thats just your assumption. Stop reaching. Its an interesting story without that.

  • Anon

    Technically it is "after" saying the N-Word. He slapped the camera after the fact, therefore "after" applies regardless.

  • tony

    Actually, the white guy should be charged with assault for hitting the person with the camera. He provoked the entire incident. In other words, he got what he deserved.

  • Art

    Will Sommer, what video are you watching?? From what I saw it is absolutely NOT clear that "the racial slur lead to the pile-on". The facts are that the guy made a racial slur and nobody touched him. He then slaps a camera about 30 seconds after the racial slur and gets accosted. There is no way you can objectively tell from watching this video if the racial slur had anything to do with it.

  • Art

    Will Sommer, further, the guy said a bunch of derogatory things prior to slapping the camera, including calling someone a b!tch and hurling several f@ck you's around. How are you sure those things didn't "lead to the pile-on"? How did you come to the conclusion that it was the racial slur?.

  • Typical DC BS

    The politically correct stop thinking after hearing derogatory slang. They try to pull the ole Marx Brother's routine "who you gonna believe, me or your eyes?".

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    After watching this video, I'm ashamed to be a Washingtonian.

  • change gon’ come

    I'm piling on with the folks calling out the sensationalistic headline. A bunch of folks yelling at each other over name-calling is going on -- that's uncomfortable, and ugly, but within bounds. It doesn't escalate til he crosses the line and smacks the hand holding the phone. Pretty much everyone knows where that line is.

    Not denying he'd created quite the forcefield before the smack, but it seemed likely to stay a yelling incident up to then.

  • Jay

    The passengers are clearly trying to defuse the situation, but this guy simply won't stop. You'll also note that he doesn't even catch a beatdown for using the N-Word.

    The whole situation escalates when he punches the WHITE woman holding the camera. She was on the news later. She may sound black, but she is not.

  • Chris

    One item the writer of the article may not be aware of is this all started when the man pushed through a crowd and knocked a woman over, while trying to jump on the train after hearing the 'doors closing' warning. Once he jumped on, the woman he knocked down and other passengers asked him to at least apologize to her - that's when he said he wasn't apologizing to a nigger. At that point, the woman started recording with her cell phone. The man says the word 'nigger' twice more on the camera footage, before slapping the phone out of the woman's hand once he realized she was recording and then the scuffle ensued.

  • shaw

    So, I watched the video. And what *I* saw was a single white guy, all by himself, who was literally surrounded on all sides in a confined space by a bunch of unruly black people who were threatening to murder him. I don't care if he called a black person a nigger or if a black person called him a faggot - the only words I heard in there that I cared about were the threats to cut his throat.

    Once someone has threatened you with physical violence in a confined space you cannot escape from and you are outnumbered at least a half a dozen to one, I think you are entitled to do whatever you feel is necessary to keep yourself safe.

    I would put every one of the people who threatened him or actually attacked him in prison for as long as possible and I would acquit him and give him a freaking medal if I was on this jury. Race is not the issue here. Calling him a racist is just bs "journalism" - he said a hateful term in response to a hateful term. If I were him, I'd sue the City Paper for posting it under the link "Racist dude gets in fight"....

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    All involve were out of line. Is there any hope for mankind?

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Chris is what you saying is truthful, this is awful.

  • Aaron Cunningham

    Shaw (#20), I'm just trying to get my head around a couple of the things that you typed. One the one hand, you say race is not the issue here. On the other hand, your initial comment framed the situation in the video as "a single white guy, all by himself, who was literally surrounded on all sides in a confined space by a bunch of unruly black people." I watched the video too. I guess we have different definitions of unruly, but I'll leave that aside. If race isn't an issue, why did your perception of the event hinge on the skin color of the people involved?

    You also note that he's "outnumbered at least a half a dozen to one," but if race isn't an issue, how are any of the people involved in this matter "outnumbered" based upon anything other than the number of people they're offending with what they say?

    Last but not least: At the beginning of the video, he's addressing someone standing in front of him (to the right, from the camera's perspective). At the 1:02 mark he is facing in the other direction and clearly calls a woman "nigger" and "bitch" twice. If he's entitled to do whatever it takes for his safety, as you suggested, wouldn't giving him a medal for this behavior be the wrong message to send? After all, his behavior clearly escalated a situation in which he was, in your view, outnumbered, and created a set of circumstances where individuals who might otherwise be sympathetic (or at least neutral) to his plight would more likely be hostile toward him precisely BECAUSE of his hateful language and behavior.

  • CCDC

    One City!!

  • justsayin

    Race notwhithstanding, he was a victim of his own ignorance and incivility.

  • Typical DC BS

    @Chris: thanks for the additional information! A
    nother jerk who behaves poorly, but gets caught on video this time!