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Is Nationals Owner Ted Lerner an Asshole?

Without knowing him personally, it's hard to say whether Nationals owner Ted Lerner is an asshole. But Lerner does score pretty high on Mother Jones' new ranking of the asshole quotient of various Major League Baseball owners.

Lerner lands around the second tier of Major League owners, according to Mother Jones—less of an asshole than Astros' owner Jim Crane, but much more of an asshole than Peter Angelos, the owner of the neighboring Baltimore Orioles. Most of Mother Jones' case against Lerner consists of the team's alleged mishandling of a recruit's eventually fatal meningitis.

Again, City Desk can't speak to Lerner's asshole status. But trying to stiff the city on Nationals Park and fobbing late-night Metro service off on a daily deals company aren't not asshole moves.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Mario

    I hear Ol' Ted is not too bad of guy. It's his son Mark who is really making the day-to-day decisions and is thus responsible for the asshole-y nature of many moves the Nats make.

  • Ward One Resident

    More of an asshole than Peter Angelos? I'm not even sure how that's possible!

  • Typical DC BS

    @Ward One Resident: AGREED! The asbestos king in Baltimore made his money off the backs of mesothelioma sufferers. He's a jerk as a person as well as in business.

    The Lerners are pikers compared to the Asbestos King.

  • Jordan

    He is a great man.

  • James

    using a double negative is a asshole move though