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The Needle: A Great Big Bushy Beard

Beardos: Will this new street style blog for D.C. beards and the faces they live on take off? Should we want it to? One thing is for sure: having a beard can too easily take over your whole existence. Take the site's inaugural beard model: "Ian says that it’s become the main topic of conversation for him." Yikes! -2

#swag: In her book proposal, writer/drug consumer Cat Marnell describes her childhood home of Bethesda as "swag." Which raises the question: what is our swaggest suburb? Fauquier County? +1

Voting for Kidz: Crunchy Takoma Park could lower the voting age for local elections to just 16. +3

Mayor-for-Life Lives: After being hospitalized last night for low blood sugar, Marion Barry is cleaning up his diet. +1

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  • Beardman

    Beards are not a crime!

  • DC Beards

    It's worth noting that Ian rocks the beard, not the other way around!
    That's worth at least a +2 in my book...