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Chinatown Walgreens Delights Prominent Blogger

The fancy Chinatown Walgreens has only been open for two weeks, but already it's won its first sort-of celebrity convert: Slate economics blogger and condominium owner Matt Yglesias.

Yglesias, who seems to be writing on a post-retail high, is giddy about the possibilities of Washington's shiniest pharmacy:

Now I've seen the future, and it's name is Walgreens. Specifically the new flagship Walgreens at the corner of 7th and H Northwest in the District of Columbia. It's a magical place that paints the way forward for retailers and, indeed, the entire American economy.

But don't get too excited, because some of Yglesias' enthusiasm seems to be derived from not visiting any other retail location in the past five years:

The store is all about the use of technology. There's an ATM (of course) to replace your bank and a Redbox to replace your video store but also a futuristic soda fountain capable of dispensing any kind of Coca-Cola product.

Is one Walgreens, even a flagship one, good enough to save the American economy? Leave your comments about your favorite Walgreens amenities—and frescoes!—-in the comments.

Photo by Aaron Wiener, illustration by Will Sommer

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  • MLD

    Seriously, who gives a damn about a Walgreens? Now DC has something to share with the booming metropolis of Garden City, KS.

  • yellowliner

    You know what's not magical about the new Walgreens? My (medicated dandruff) shampoo costs $11.99 there.

    Luckily, it's just $8.99 at the Bed, Bath and Beyond a block over, and you can use their 20%/$5 off coupons that constantly come in the mail. All that "shiniest-ness" comes at a price.

  • tntdc

    Yglesias has never seen Redbox or the Burger-King type Coke machines? Welcome to 2003.

    Reminds one of Bush's marveling at scanners at groceries.

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