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Kim Jong-un Would Aim Nukes at D.C., If He Could

North Korea's pizza-loving dictator Kim Jong-un is making aggressive moves again, this time with a state news agency releasing a picture of Kim next to a chart of missile flight path-like lines to U.S. cities. And according to one North Korean news site, Washington is on Kim's hit list. put the white chart at left over a Google map of the U.S., and figured out which cities Kim's lines hit. Along with Washington, the hypothetical missiles would fly to Hawaii, San Diego, and Austin.

But there's no need to head for the fallout just yet—Kim's just playing. The Associated Press, which reports that North Korea won't be able to hit the mainland United States with missiles for years, describes Kim's plan as "highly improbable."

Which is good, because a 2011 U.S. government study of the results of a nuclear blast in D.C. found that almost everyone downtown would die.

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  • Charles

    Austin is a really weird choice. Maybe he is mad his favorite indie bands aren't playing SXSW anymore, or maybe he he is mad the line was too long to meet grumpy cat.

  • noodlez


  • Matt

    He wants money that is what this is all about and the PRC should just pay him what he wants. He does not want his regime to collapse, not as much black money coming into fund his naughty projects. He wants cash. Then no war.

  • pat b

    I'm not sure why anyone cares about North Korea. North Korea has a $32 Billion dollar total economy. Lets put it this way, we have companies like American Express with this kind of revenue, but, with 1000 fewer people to support.

    Even if North Korea has 3/4 of their total economy headed into military production, it's barely enough to run a small nuclear program and a small missile program but then not enough to run an army, navy, air force and still feed people.

    if you pay attention a few years back the North Korean Won collapsed and lost 98% of it's value. That's a sign that 98% of the financial wealth in the society had disappeared.

    40% of the population is stunted, and electrical production is at 30% of potential.

    Their military is in a shambles and one day the people will just give up and walk away