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Yes, John Roberts Has Change

What do the Black Cat, the Raven, Ben's Chili Bowl, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts have in common? They're all cash-only. The Huffington Post reports that Roberts has embraced the greenback lifestyle after having his credit card numbers stolen.

Unlike other plastic-eschewing Washington establishments, though, Roberts seems deeply uncomfortable without his cards. The chief justice has been justifying his card-less lifestyle all over town:

Roberts was overheard by The Huffington Post making a similar claim at a D.C. barber shop on Wednesday, noting that the theft had apparently originated from a suspect in Kentucky.

It's unclear why the chief justice felt the need to explain his reason for paying in cash.

Is paying for things with cash rude now, or is the chief justice just a compulsive over-sharer? Take it to the comments, readers.

Photo by Steve Petteway used under a Creative Commons license

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  • http://n/a Michael V Johnson

    That is kind of comforting to me. It probably means we won't be moving to a cashless system any time soon.

  • DC

    "Roberts was overheard by The Huffington Post making a similar claim at a D.C. barber shop"


  • Bac

    Is paying in cash rude? In what world? What a silly question. Getting your card stolen surely is a new circle of hell. I don't blame him one bit! We are all getting a little too free and easy with all this stuff. Not to mention, it is slighly elitist to expect to live without cash.

  • Michael Westendorf

    John Roberts is chief justice of the United States, not "...of the Supreme Court." See: 28 U.S.C. § 1.