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Activists to Protest Rock Creek Deer Killing

Councilmember Marion Barry's apologizing today after whoever runs his Twitter account called the National Park Service a "mofo" for the Rock Creek Park deer culling. But the mystery tweeter isn't the only one upset about the ongoing deaths. Outraged activists are planning to hold daily vigils to protest the killings, starting tonight through Saturday.

The protest is being organized by In Defense of Animals, a California-based animal rights group that previously lost a lawsuit aimed at stopping the killings. The group claims it didn't expect the depopulation to start until the fall.

"Practically tame and pregnant deer will be lured to piles of apples and grain where they will be mowed down with bullets and arrows," the group writes in its press release, which describes the cull as a "surprise slaughter."

The protests, which start at 5 p.m., will be held at the intersection of Military Road NW and Oregon Avenue by a "Rock Creek Park" sign.


Photo by Mr. T in DC used under a Creative Commons license

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  • Mario

    These "activists" are people with clearly too much time on their hands and a woefully bad understanding of nature. Without natural predators--which we killed off for better or worse 150 years ago--these clueless behemouths are WAY too plentiful in the park. I understand the need for protection of certain species, but a mid-atlantic deer ain't one of them.

  • Deer Lover

    Thank you Councilmember Marion Barry. We applaud your courage in speaking out on this issue. The deer do not need to be killed. There are only 300 in the park and the Park Service is well aware of the success they've had using contraception on other federal lands. The Park Service has admitted their number one problem is invasive, non-native vines that are choking the trees. Others have said storm run-off is the park's number one problem. Either way, native deer are not a problem. Shame on the National Park Service. Shame on the Superintendant and management of Rock Creek Park for failing to protect our federal land. Now our spring tourists can come and see Cherry Blossoms and deer carcasses in the park. Way to go National Park Service!

  • Typical DC BS

    Deer Lover - save your lies for your fellow no-brainers. Your claim of contraception success in other federal lands is a lie. Maybe you and the rest of your fellow utopians can pony up money and rent vans, then attempt to "relocate" the deer. Good luck finding someplace other than a butcher shop that will take them.

    Time to reenter the real world. Maybe more people need to see deer carcasses so they remember where their meat comes from.

  • Deer Lover

    Congratulations to all the protesters. You stopped the Park Service from killing more deer. Thank you for coming out and for all your great work!!!! Now let's see if NPS will actually get to work removing their admitted number one problem: INVASIVE VINES. What a novel idea to actually target a real problem and solve it. Get busy NPS. You've been wasting 20 years doing nothing about it!!!

  • Typical DC BS

    Luckily, your whining was WORTHLESS!
    ROUND 2 starts this week. HURRAY!