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Washington Post Publisher Made $2.4 Million Last Year

Buyouts and benefits cuts aside, times were good for Washington Post Company execs and Graham family members employed by the company in 2012, according to a new Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Take publisher and Graham family member Katharine Weymouth, for example. Weymouth's 2010 compensation of $2.07 million inspired grousing from Post reporters, and her 2011 compensation dipped to $1.92 million. According to the new filing, though, Weymouth was up again in 2012, earning $2,436,413 in salary and bonuses.

Weymouth's haul came from her $625,000 salary, a bonus of $611,413, and a $1,200,000 payment for a 2009-2012 incentive plan. The filing also reveals that Weymouth received a 3.5 percent raise this year, with her new salary set at $646,875.

Meanwhile, Weymouth's uncle, Post Co. CEO and Chairman Donald Graham, made $877,724 in total compensation in 2012, according to the filing. Graham's salary has been frozen since 1991, when he requested that he stop receiving raises or bonuses.

Elizabeth "Lally" Weymouth, Graham's sister and Katharine Weymouth's mother, received $300,000 in 2012 for her role as the paper's editor-at-large. Laura O'Shaughnessy, Graham's daughter, made $150,000 in salary and $22,750 in bonuses in 2012 for her role as the CEO of Social Code, a company owned by the Post Co.

But you don't have to be a blood relation of Katharine Graham's to make a good living at the Post Co. Senior Vice President of Finance Hal S. Jones made $3,612,562, while Senior Vice President of Planning and Development Gerald M. Rosberg made $2,258,617 in total compensation in 2012, according to the filing. Senior Vice President Ann L. McDaniel made $3,226,678, while Senior Vice President and General Counsel Veronica Dillon made $3,064,015 in total compensation in 2012.

McDaniel and Dillon also received some perks from the Post Co., according to the filings. Dillon received financial advice and living expenses reimbursement worth $82,468 last year, according to the filings, while the company gave McDaniel $19,266 worth of tax advice.

The Post Co.'s share prices didn't perform as well as its executives, however, falling 3 percent in 2012.

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  • Bay Glade

    Well, "it is not an encyclopedia".
    K. Weydmouth

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  • An nonny miss

    Well, simple. The one percenters of the political left hope like heck that hard news like this won't be too readily available to the gullible public. Occupy Wall Street? How about Occupy WaPo? Cutting staff while the fat cats play? Why, you'd think they were the New York Times....

  • AmericaBeautiful

    Imagine all the money they could make....
    if they actually reported facts to the public, instead of covering them up with political activist/"journalists" opinion-blabbing and censoring, and rolling over daily for the leftwing-muslim Whitehouse.