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Fruit-Throwing Tweens Terrorize Bloomingdale

Normally, the sight of a child with a fruit would be a warm one. But that's not the case in Bloomingdale. Fruit-throwing adolescents are causing so much trouble that two police districts have had to get involved, according to listserv emails first posted on PoPville.

The trouble started on March 19, according to the email from the Metropolitan Police District 5th District Commander Andrew Solberg, when police received reports of a group of children throwing "items" at a person near the intersections of 2nd and W streets NW. But the case of the fruit-throwing children was just beginning:

While we were investigating this matter, we located a person in the 100 block of Adams St., NW, who said that a group of young boys and girls had used the steps to his basement apartment as a spot to gather, and when he told them to leave, they threw fruit at his window.

Other area residents reported that the kids had been causing trouble in other incidents too, according to Solberg. While the group is made up of both boys and girls, Solberg writes, the girls in the group are known be only 11, 12, and 13 years old.

The troublesome tweens struck again this Monday, allegedly assaulting a woman near Rhode Island Ave. NW. One of the children was arrested, but the mischief still isn't over, as now MPD's 3rd District is reporting similar problems with the adolescents.

"We will work together so that all MPD efforts have a centrally focused point of contact," writes Solberg.

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  • L o’L

    Riveting journalism here. Leave some room on your desk for the Pulitzers.

  • JM

    Cool headline and photo, bro!

    You folks do realize that the kids had also allegedly been assaulting people with metal pipes and scraps of aluminum siding, shoving them, and trying to steal the purses of women walking home alone, right?

    No, but you're right, it's the fruit thing. Hilarious!

    Fine work.

  • Nina

    I would like to note that this whole issue goes back to a much longer forum thread on popville that details other most violent crimes committed by young people in our neighborhood. It is not limited to "fruit throwing" but also includes more attacks and harassment.

  • comeon

    This is pointlessly dismissive. These little shits have done a lot worse than throw some fruit.

  • James

    The author of this story should be embarrassed to have written such a stupid article. The headline should've been Teens Hitting People in the Head with Rocks... That, however, wouldn't have sounded as funny. If the City Paper wanted to have any journalistic credibility, it would can this faux-journalist.

  • eric

    I personally watched this group throwing rocks at passersby and cars. So yeah, stupid article.

  • Lydia

    I'm lydia and I approve this inaccurate article.