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Matt Yglesias’ Sweet Condo Provokes Outrage


Logan Circle finds itself in the eye of a right-wing storm after Washingtonian reported on its latest resident: Slate economics blogger Matthew Yglesias, who bought a three-bedroom condo in the neighborhood for a whopping $1.175 million.

The alleged disconnect between Yglesias' center-left politics, the average blogger's salary, and his condo's exposed brick caught the attention of various Internet rage-mills. "Remember: money is bad unless it’s in the hands of leftists," sassed the Daily Caller's Jim Treacher.

But isn't Yglesias actually just practicing what he blogs? The 31-year-old Slatester, after all, likes to point out the wisdom of buying now while mortgage interest rates are low.

Yglesias declined to comment on the "controversy," saying that he may run a post about it on his own blog. (He did, subtly, address it on Twitter this morning, posting a link to his book The Rent is Too Damn High with the comment, "Some thoughts on how to make urban real estate more affordable.) Writes Yglesias: "If I did I would do it as a Moneybox post for Slate rather than running it second-hand through the City Paper."

That's how you make the big bucks, kids!

N.B.: Yglesias' rowhouse may contain the most concentrated amount of media power in the city. While Yglesias and his wife have two floors in the building, the other condo is occupied by none other than fellow Washington Post Co. employee and Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron, who, records indicate, bought it in December for $1.35 million. No word on whether the condo board meets at 15th and L.

Photo by Matt Yglesias via Flickr/Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0

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  • kob

    Good for Yglesias. I'm sure he made a thoughtful, shrewd investment.

  • anon

    I wouldn't want to live above him. I'm certain he off gases

  • Groty

    Normal people don't object to people who have earned it living in ostentatious opulence. What is infuriating is when people like Algore, Tom Friedman and most other left wingers preach daily about "equality" and the need to use government coercion to redistribute property from those who earn it to those who have not, for whatever their pet cause du jour is. Algore has multiple homes. Friedman has at least one 12,000 square foot mansion. They're both trying to use government force to make everybody else shrink their "carbon footprint" and live according to some utopian fantasy created by a bunch of over-educated, privileged white liberals. I wonder why Mr. Equality didn't buy a modest condo, say for $100K-$200K and donate the rest of the purchase price to feeding the poor? Because he's a fricking hypocrite, just like Algore and Friedman. It's the hypocrisy that is maddening. Pretend not to see it if you want, or mock those who point out the hypocrisy if you choose, but that just makes you complicit in the left winger's ongoing fraud against the public.

  • RightKlik
  • Will

    From that location, Yglesias can easily walk and bike to work, thus saving him considerable transportation expenses, and affording him the opportunity for daily commute exercise. Great choice of neighborhood.

  • Typical DC BS

    Do you really think this turd bought the place so he can walk and bike to work? Take one look at his picture.

    Agree 100% with Groty - point out this libtard's hypocrisy every opportunity you get.