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Reporter: Washington Examiner Closing Local Section

The Washington Examiner told reporters it is terminating its Local section at a meeting this morning, according to a tweet from Examiner transportation reporter Kytja Weir.


Watch for more details on who's been laid off. I've contacted Examiner executive editor Stephen G. Smith for comment and will update if he responds.

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  • Jim Ed

    I assume this means that the sports section is kaput as well?

    If so, please somebody anybody hire John Keim ASAP.

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  • Feel Wood

    Good luck finding a job to a "journalist" who doesn't know when to use "its" and when to use "it's."

  • Jane

    The local section is the only one I bothered to read! Terrible.

  • the time

    Kytja is great. All their local reporters are great. It's the best local paper. So sad.

    CityPaper should pick up at least one or two of their reporters. Please!

    I will miss their coverage. Nothing else like it.

  • Bea Clark

    I am really disappointed that the Examiner will no longer be waiting for me on Thursdays and Sundays. I used to read it thoroughly and then passed it on to my neighbors who didn't get delivery. We all loved it and the full coverage it could get into a small space. Thanks............