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Washington Post Launching Paywall This Summer

Say goodbye to your free news, info-leeches. The rumored Washington Post paywall is becoming a reality this summer, according to a press release the paper sent out this afternoon.

Non-paying web users will be limited to just 20 articles a month on the Post site. Post management hasn't announced yet what the price for web access will, but it's going be free to print subscribers and people using computers at schools, government offices, and military buildings.

While details are still scarce about the Post's paywall, it's shaping up to be as  porous as the New York Times'. Per the press release:  "Visitors who come to The Post through Google, Facebook or other searched or shared links will still be able to access the linked page regardless of the number of articles they have previously viewed." In other words, just search for the story on Google or Twitter, and you're in.

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  • Redline SOS

    Ha! Google ad revenue will drop substantially. I still won't pay for the NYT, why does WaPo think I'll pay for them?

  • Typical DC BS

    The Post just doesn't get it at all. Of course, their prime audience leans liberal, so making it free to goverment types in this town who have no clue what the private sector is all about makes sense.

  • gilla

    It better be cheap. WaPo has interesting stuff now and then but the NYT, WSJ and FT are leaps and bounds better.

  • abc

    Won't they have to start producing content that people will be willing to pay for? How 'bout replacing the blogs with some actual news reporting?