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Uggos Unwelcome in D.C. Society Mags

Guest of a Guest D.C., the society blog that's become a sort of bros-looking-at-bros ouroboros, has a new guide for how to land in the party pages. But there is sad news: All the  photographer-hunting and social-climbing in the world won't help you if you're ugly.

Take Capitol File, for example. "They pretty much hate running photos of uglies on their pages," Guest of a Guest's Sophie Pyle writes. "So wear extra makeup and skip the dessert if you know you'll be hitting up one of their soirees."

The soft-bodied will find no refuge in the pages of DC Modern Luxury, either. "DC Modern Luxury tends to fill their pages with young, hot people and celebrities," Pyle writes. "Keep hitting the gym and wear some sparkles (or if you're a guy, wear a tie) if you know you'll be photographed for their magazine."

But not even being hot guarantees that your image will be reproduced in one-inch scale on glossy paper. Pyle points out that, in addition to wanting babes and hunks, Washington Life Magazine has a strict no dipsos policy. "Hide your drink!" she warns. "They don't like booze shots."

All that stress to get your picture taken, and you can't even drink.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Iain

    Bloody hell. No booze? Next time I'm in the states I'll stick with the uggos, thanks. They've got their priorities right. Plus, that way I won't be blinded by all the orange skin and sparkly clothes made in sweatshops.

  • SWMLuvah


  • Em in DC

    Apparently, it also helps if you're a bottle-blonde lady. Phonies and the people impressed by them are so icky.

  • Kes

    Getting pictures of yourself while at parties published is a thing? Seriously, who would want that? Isn't Facebook voyeuristic enough?

  • Idiots

    Apparently a sense of humor and/or sarcasm detector are also required...

  • Jessica

    This is so sad. Poor social climbing/self important girl - little does she knows "the uglies" are probably 100 times happier than she'll ever be.

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  • Ernie McCracken

    Is that really news to anyone?

    You don't see many fat balding drunks waving their booze at the camera in any magazine or newspaper. Except maybe High Times or The Onion.

  • William Ogle

    As grandmama said: "God truly loves the peasantry. Why else would he have made so many of them?"
    Oh, just because you have money and/or good looks doesn't mean you're nota peasant. A pit bull with lipstick is still a dog.