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Chinatown Walgreens to Be So Next Level

Throw your boring CVS in the trash. Throw the District's four Walgreens in the trash, too! You won't need them anymore, because the new Walgreens in Chinatown isn't a pharmacy, it's a lifestyle.

"This amazing three story store is unlike anything seen in the city," reads a breathless invitation to tour the store. So what does the pharmacy at 7th and H Sts. offer, besides a cool sign?

  • juice and smoothie bar
  • frozen yogurt machines
  • a cafe
  • "expert eyebrow shaping"

Pharmacists at the Walgreens will also come out from behind the counter and interact with customers. As the invitation says, "It is hard to describe the uniqueness of the space."

The new Walgreens, part of the company's line of swanky "Well Experience" stores, is based on a similar branch in Chicago (pictured). That store got rave reviews, with one customer telling the Huffington Post, "This is probably one of the most beautiful Walgreens that I've seen in my life time."

A high bar indeed! The store is hosting a ribbon-cutting on Thursday, and will open at 9:30 that morning.

Photo by danoxneil used under a Creative Commons license


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  • SWMLuvah

    If there's no alcohol for sale, the hype is overdone!

  • Cynic

    If there is alcohol, especially free alcohol at the opening party, councilmember and mayoral candidate Tosspot Tommy is sure to be there.

    Tommy never met a man(or woman)picking up a bar tab that he didn't like.

  • William Ogle

    If they want Councilman Barry to be there, they'd better be giving out free Oxycontin.

  • Nichole

    Walgreen actually delivers on this one! I happened onto the star while my husband and I were going to the movies last weekend. The store took my breath away! On the top level, the entire floor is devoted to beauty and cosmetics. On the main floor is all of the stuff they described in this article. You can get watermelon slices for 4.99 or a watermelon cup for 1.99 and various fruit salads, sandwiches, subs, frozen yogurt, fresh fruit, eggs, and junk food, e.g. dozens of different kinds of junk food. Also on the first floor is an outstanding arrary of $.99 healthy foods, e.g. pistachio nuts, peanuts. On the underground level it's like target, with a few clothes, household items, e.g. cleaning supplies, printer ink, office supplies, canned food, 1/2 gallon and 1-gallon drinks, and more. You can actually grocery shop in this walgreens. It had replaced whole foods for the moment for me!