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Dupont Circle Snowball Fight Doesn’t Have Enough Snow

Despite increasingly desperate tweets from the Capital Weather Gang, it looks like the snowstorm is going to be a soggy flop in the District. That presents problems for people who needed a heavy snowfall, like participants in the Official Dupont Circle Snowball Fight.

The organizers of the fight, presumably "official" because it's endorsed by Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont, had big plans for the 4 p.m. showdown. Their Facebook event specifies a hashtag (#ODCSF), a dress code ("your craziest costumes")—even the possibility of a Harlem Shake. Unfortunately, as everyone who's wondering why they had the day off already knows, there just isn't enough snow for the ball. In an update, organizers conceded that this Snowquester just isn't Snowpocalypse:

This means we may have to delay by a few hours or cancel... but first we're going to keep an eye on what happens in the next few hours.

Now who will police pull their guns on?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • DJ6ual

    I thought we were supposed to have an epic snow storm today? Where did it all go?


  • 20011

    Who cares? At least we didn't have another preposterous planned snowball fight.