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Alleging Human Rights Violations, Howard Students Sue to Get Into Sorority

Howard University seniors and sorority hopefuls Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield find themselves in a plot with elements of a teen novel: arguments about who can wear pink, accusations of snitching, a cabal of girls called "the Sweets." But instead of devising an elaborate way to get back at the in-crowd, Gossip Girl-style, they're suing the sorority and the university to become sisters—and alleging that their human rights have been violated.

The lawsuit, filed on Feb. 28 in federal court, accuses Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority of violating the students' human rights. The lawsuit also names Howard University as a defendant for failing to protect students who refused to be hazed.

According to the lawsuit, Compton and Cofield's trouble began when they were invited to "Ivy Day," a ceremony for outgoing and prospective AKA members in the second semester of 2010. The two then-freshmen were expecting to find sisterhood, but what they allegedly found instead was hazing!

Some of the "hazing" rules sound innocuous, if extensive, like being forbidden from wearing the sorority colors of pink and green or any colors that could be blended into pink and green. In one humorous moment, the lawsuit notes that the pledges, who were called the "sweets," couldn't even wear white pearls.

Other hazing allegations are more serious. At one point, the pledges were told not to talk to non-sorority members at Howard, according to the suit.  "[Alpha Kappa Alpha members] on campus addressed the sweets by calling them weak bitches," Compton's mother wrote in a complaint to the sorority.

After Cofield's mother, also an Alpha Kappa Alpha sister, complained, the two pledges found themselves ostracized in the sorority for being "snitch-friendly" or "snitch-sympathists."

When 2013 rolled around, Cofield and Compton still hadn't been inducted into the sorority. (The lawsuit alleges official pledging had been forbidden because of previous hazing violations.) When they applied again, they say they were told that they couldn't be accepted because of a cap on new sisters. Much of the lawsuit hinges on this, but the gist is that Cofield and Compton say that, as legacies, they should be among the first to be inducted, and the sorority says there's nothing they can do to get around the cap.

How is any of this a violation of human rights law? The aspiring sisters say they're being discriminated against because, as legacies, their mothers were also in the sorority. In other words, they're being treated differently because of their "familial status"—a protected class under the D.C. Human Rights Act. In addition to monetary damages, the would-be Alpha Kappa Alphas want the court to grant an injunction putting the pledging process on hold.

J. Wyndal Gordon, the  outspoken attorney who calls himself the "warrior lawyer," is representing Cofield and Compton. Like Howard and Alpha Kappa Alpha's national organization, Gordon didn't respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

Update, 3/6: The lawsuit also contains other accusations of hazing at the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.

Photo by Flickr user NCinDC used under a Creative Commons license

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  1. #1

    DJ FRIV LAWSUIT to the rescue!

  2. Cap City Records Panhandler

    Nice work, Will.

    The Hilltop student rag shut down for awhile. There's a lot of news coming out of Howard officials don't want to be known.

  3. #3

    Oh for crying out loud, are you KIDDING me??? Cry me a river, ladies. And while you're at it, look at the REAL WORLD if you want to see human rights violations.

  4. #4

    Is this a joke?

  5. #5

    I didn't get into the sorority of my choice. Privilege wasn't on my side. #firstworldproblems

    If you're desperately seeking validation from an organization than you need to do some serious soul-searching. Find peace not acceptance.

  6. #6

    @Speak Truth Well said. I have enough friends that were obtained for free and without getting my ass kicked.

    I hope the case gets thrown out and these clowns learn that life is tough.

  7. #7

    Allegedly the mothers of one of these young ladies pledged AKA at Howard University back in the day. If this is the case, it seems as if maybe the MOTHERS are the ones who are more annoyed at their daughters not being selected than the girls who are now the subject of intense criticism. These parents sound like the type to sue the local youth baseball association because little Joey doesn't get as much playing time as he "deserves". All in all, this shines a negative light on Howard, on Black Greek Orgs, and Howard students in general. Howard students have always been accused of having an unearned sense of privilege or entitlement, and this whole scandal reeks of this. If you didn't get picked, SO WHAT? Join a graduate chapter or be a firebrand and start your own damn org. The fact that the lawsuit seeks to prevent Alpha Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. from initiating any new members cements the notion in my mind that these mothers believe "If my baby can't do it, nobody else out there can either"...If you want to bring hazing into the picture, the fact that those girls allowed themselves to be "hazed" and didn't report it earlier makes them partially guilty as well. As many schools and organizations across the nation do, I'm certain Howard and/or Alpha Kappa Alpha issued indemnification contracts to all parties interested in joining one of those groups. In my eyes, there is no case here. Howard, continue to provide exceptional education to those students who understand humility and can accept rejection, and AKA and all other members of the D9, continue upholding tradition and producing some of the nation's leading African Americans

  8. #8

    12(b)(6) followed by Rule 11

  9. #9

    As a sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha, I commend these ladies for having the courage to do this..and after all this does not give you the whole story. I almost guarantee that there is more too it, my daughter who goes to Howard, says one of the girls has a 4.0 and was very involved. I think it's time for Alpha chapter to learn its lesson.

  10. Don't believe the hype

    Ladies, you aren't missing anything. Black Frats and Sororities have gone to s@@@. I'm an Omega and I wouldn't want my son to join any Frat nor my daughter a sorority and certainly not at Howard... It's a bunch of BS. And yes, I put in 'work' and at the end of the day, it's not worth. I applaud you two for standing up and fighting but know you are missing nothing. Stay Strong--

  11. #11

    Yeah because out of all the things Howard has put students through...all the things they have to go through as a black female in America...AKA is the "human rights violation" that deserves a fight -_-

  12. #12

    These girls really need to get a grip. The NPHC at HU put a cap on all orgs not to have a new line of 50 or more. So at a school where the average is 400 girls who rush per org, it could be likely that there were over 50 girls that were legacy out of the 400 who rushed. Therefore no matter what all of them could not be chosen. Even if they did chose all 50 as legacy, would the non legacy who were not chosen because of a "class" then file a suit claiming a violation of human rights laws?

    Its also very interesting timing. If they were being "hazed" beforehand then why did they wait to file a complaint now? If they really had an issue with the "alleged" practices, a complaint would have been issued sooner.

    Sometimes people just need to accept they werent good enough.

  13. #13

    This is a joke. Seriously. If you were rejected by a sorority and you're looking to join for the right reasons, join a graduate chapter. I hope they don't think suing people is the way to get what they want in the real world, because the world is FULL of human rights violations. But THIS isn't a human rights violation.

  14. #14

    OF COURSE these two young ladies are being discriminated against. Most undergrad chapters DO NOT like legacies because they DO get first pick as to being accepted in Alpha Kappa Alpha, IF they meet the requirements. Chapters do not vote on legacy members, so if they meet the requirements and apply they are basically in. HOWEVER I am sure ALPHA chapter had some shenanigans going on with their paperwork and it just got "lost." If the lawsuit alleges that they could not get in because they refused to cooperate with the investigation, then no AKA ain't letting them in.

    Not to mention they were also hazed and never made the line? THAT'S MESSED UP. The sorority probably suspended people, but sorority members wear suspensions like a medal of honor. Hazing in these organizations will continue because the underground culture of these orgs keeps it going. You ain't "real" and you are "paper" if you don't pledge the hard way. Hypocritical at best.

  15. Fellow AKA Reject

    I understand how these ladies feel being rejected from Alpha Chapter. I am a student who has 3.8 GPA, various community service experience and a slew of leadership roles and I was not selected either. I can relate to their disappointment because I know these ladies exemplify what the organization "claims" they champion. I can 100% guarantee you that the selection process for this year's line was in no way fair. I saw at least 300 girls at rush and my rejection letter was written two days after the date of rush. I highly doubt the graduate members and one alpha chapter member were able to seriously consider 300+ applications in two days. It was clearly politics, pettiness, and the opinion of former Alpha Chapter members at play in selection. I believe that these ladies were not selected, not because of a Legacy quota but, because they rubbed AKA members the wrong way. I believe that they were discriminated against because they were rumored to be partly responsible for Alpha Chapter being under investigation last year and barred from having intake. In addition to this several members were put on suspension from the organization and have now since been reinstated, including the only current member of Alpha Chapter who was instrumental in selecting the line. For this reason I do not believe that these ladies should be favored in this lawsuit and I agree that there should be a cap on legacy picks so that more qualified applicants have the opportunity. At the same time I admire the courage of these ladies and I think their lawsuit will put the spotlight on the unprecedented and downright unfair selection processes of AKA Alpha Chapter and other Black Greek Organizations. I was very disappointed in how the selection process was handled and I hope that they amend this in the future. AKA is an extremely prestigious organization and therefore the membership selection process should be performed in the highest of integrity.

  16. #16

    They cannot be serious. I have expressed interest in an Alpha Chapter Sorority and did not get chosen. Did I sue? No. I also did not "pre pledge" and put all my trust into someone that I will get picked, knowing that there is a cap on the line. Howard students DO have this undeserved sense of entitlement and it comes from their parents. Just because mommy and daddy went to Howard and pledged does not mean that it is in your favor. Each person has a different plan for their life and if the odds aren't in your favor get over it.

    And the sad part of it all is if this law suit created because TWO girls did not make it goes through, HUNDREDS will never make it. And they couldn't try again Grad Chapter (like anyone who truly wanted it would) because now everyone will know about them as the two girls who decided to sue smh.

  17. #17

    First, they are not and never were 'pledges.' They were aspiring members, who apparently, never made it to the stage of 'candidates.' Second, NO ONE became a member of the chapter since 2010, it wasn't just them. And, If their moms have been FINANCIALLY ACTIVE members and they have a 4.0 and are active on campus as 'Janice' states, then they would have been selected to be members. With a cap, only the top legacies make it. There's no vote. Being a legacy does not entitle you to anything. It also doesn't keep you from being respected by current members. How about you graduate, join your moms' chapters and call it a day?

  18. #18

    So, if this lawsuit is won, then what?

    They are awarded damages, and an injunction against AKA's intake process . . .

    - Does that same injunction apply to the plaintiffs want for membership, or are they going to be "the last ones through the door? "

    - And if so, why would you want to sue your way into a Sisterhood?

    - Or have these girls just accepted that by pursuing this lawsuit they are in essentially a NO WIN situation...

    Even if they win...they are still going to lose.

  19. We Now Know Why You Are A Reject

    "I highly doubt the graduate members and one alpha chapter member were able to seriously consider 300+ applications in two days. It was clearly politics, pettiness, and the opinion of former Alpha Chapter members at play in selection."

    Fellow AKA Reject, you don't know what was at play in the selection. You don't know how many people read the applications. Were you there? No. Furthermore, out of 300 people, do you really think that you are the only person with a high GPA and demonstrated community service? No. Sweetycakes, the world does not revolve around you. And there is always going to be someone better than you. The sooner you learn that, the easier your transition into the real world after Howard will be. Sometimes people just don't get selected for things - even when they really want them.

    AKA is a lifetime commitment. As far as I'm concerned, you have a LIFETIME, not just your four years at Howard to pursue membership. Continue to do great things for the community, achieve excellence, and join a grad chapter.

    God Bless You.

  20. #20

    There's a whole lot more to this story I can assure you. as a bison. The selection process is simply put FRAUDULENT. I'm not friends with either of the complainants but I've heard it straight from the mouth of sorors...Get it together AKAs. That being said why align yourself with such an organization that is so clearly practicing discriminatory tactics? Not worth it,

  21. #21

    @fellowreject--I know its difficult to believe, but the review of over 300 applications can be done quickly--it ain't easy, but it is done. As for your disappointment, I don't know you, but if you are as together as you claim, then it was the chapter's loss this time around. Just don't become the proverbial fox (sour grapes).

  22. #22

    And finally,

    Potential candidates tend to forget that "qualified" does not equal selection.

    High GPA, service, community involvement are ideal traits to possess when seeking a sorority or fraternity, but at the end of the day members select those that have formed a bond with members prior to the candidate actually becoming a member.

    In other words, these are not college admissions...this is a more interpersonal relationship that MUST be developed with members as a potential candidate. Just because one has the credentials does not equate automatic selection...and that is the plight that undergrads struggle with in dealing with "legacies". Sure your mother or father is a member, but that doesn't automatically grant you admission to play...

    I believe many people forget that aspect when approaching as a are not your parent and what made them a good fit for membership might not be a trait the child carries in their own right...thus, it is difficult to classify this as discrimination as family's not being treated different because your parent is's being treated different because you are NOT your parents...

    They entered on their OWN merits, why should that change now?

  23. #23

    Fellow AKA Reject,

    What you fail to understand is that AKA is not like applying to Medical School or college where your GPA is a MAJOR reason for selection. Nepotism is the name of the game. It is a "sisterhood" of women who are looking at you for other reasons than your GPA. You could be a 3.8 gpa HO for all they know. You also have to realize that Alpha chapter has a CAP. Meaning they could have over 300 applicants, but if they aren't familiar with you or feel like you are a good fit for their org they CAN reject you for any reason... that is IF you aren't a legacy,and even then they play shenanigans with legacy paperwork UNLESS mama bear is there to make sure her little perfect sweetie pie makes line. So in essence, meeting, and even exceeding the requirements aren't enough. Brown nosing would have probably paid off... or if you pledged underground. I guarantee you most of that line was selected by their willingness to endure underground hazing. If they don't know you they ain't picking you. They won't take the chance of their chapter going down for a goodie two shoe snitch. I'm sorry that is just the truth and this is how many good GPA having women are perceived. The very nature of the organization being selective makes it "unfair." Life ain't fair. I guess I know too much.

    Yes it is political. Yes it is catty. Yes former members of Alpha chapter were SURELY involved in the selection process and influence current voting members. Many of these former members are the deans and prophytes of the current chapter members. It's called DEFERENCE. Have you ever dealt with a group of women with power? It is not pretty honey. By your post I don't think you are cut out for sorority life. Continue to get good grades, graduate with high honors and get a good job and LIVE YOUR LIFE. AKA is only going to suck the life and your money out of you anyway... and if the itch is still there after you graduate, join on the grad level where this stuff doesn't matter... even then you will find many of these catty ass women you found in undergrad have not grown up.

    Lesson Learned.

  24. #24

    For starters, Janet probably pledge grad chapter or at a white school where she was 1 of two who applied or is a legacy. The Que fits the same description. So the two of you should go have a seat. And to the fellow AKA rejects posting: This is exactly why you didn't make it! You are not a boss!! You are the type to come on blog and talk about why you should have made it. Thats pathetic!!! And the AKAs dont want pathetic girls on their lines! So what you have a high GPA?!? Howard is a school for black excellence we were all smart!! That doesn't make you special?!? That makes you a bison!

    Like you have got to be kidding me. You and your fellow rejects are only showing the whole world why AKA shouldnt have taken you in the first place! Lames!

  25. #25

    There is more to the story then all of you non howard student know. This line was predetermined. Applications were not even opened. "Chasing" happened up until the day of rush. Its a very dirty game and its all about to come out. Stop saying these girls are just bitter, THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. Actually we all do. -Bison
    I pray for Alpha Chapter.

  26. #26

    you cant sit with us!!!!!!!

  27. #27

    sound like some weak bitches to me

  28. You just have earned it yet baby...

    If you're wondering why all the love that you long for eludes you and people are rude and cruel to you
    I'll tell you why...

    You just haven't earned it yet, baby. You just haven't earned it, son. You must suffer and cry for a longer time and I'm telling you now...

    If you're wondering why when all you wanted from life was to be Famous. I have tried for so long, it's all gone wrong. I'll tell you why...But you wouldn't believe me!

    You just haven't earned it yet, baby. You just haven't earned it, son. You must suffer and cry for a longer time.

    Today I am remembering the time when they pulled me back and held me down and looked me in the eyes and said: You just haven't earned it yet, baby. You just haven't earned it, my son...

  29. You just have earned it yet baby...

    Where the above comes from...

  30. #30

    True story- you are listening to rumors. Having been down this road I can assure you that your info is inaccurate regarding applications not being opened. There is a process that must be and always is followed by the 'adults' in the room.

    Maybe the girls *were* already selected- by the time Rush rolls around, young ladies have attended programs and tried to make themselves known. A sorority is a sisterhood based not only on achievements but on relationships.

    You're hurt. You're disappointed. I'm sure its not the first time and it surely won't be the last. If this is your greatest disappointment, your life has been easy.

  31. #31

    Please stop with the legacy hate. You current members of AKA are out of hand with your jealousy of legacy candidates. You all are just pissed cause you do not get to vote on them and that is one less spot for one of your friends. Ridiculous!! Lets be real here!! You feel like they don't deserve admission cause YOU had to work so hard, and you ASSUME that they will not work hard or feel ENTITLED when ALL legacy applicants are NOT THE SAME. So they messed around with those ladies paperwork and sent in some bold paperwork to nationals. And truth all be told, some of these chapters are FILTH!! The ladies in it do not even possess one iota of the class an AKA should possess, so please spare your black excellence bullcrap. That line was PRE-SELECTED based on who their friends were, and NOT who would better serve the organization and contribute to the community. You all should see some of the self-serving, non-servicing interests who are selected to be candidates. But the cycle only continues because the people who selected their ratchet friends are ratchet themselves! The selection process of AKA is BROKEN!

  32. #32

    This has got to be the MOST unimportant problem I've ever seen. War. Taxes. Fiscal cliff. Voting Rights Act. Those are problems. If this is the worst thing that can happen to a person, I'll take it. I swear I wish ALL of our issues were this devastating. OMG, no pink and green. Their lives must be oooooooooooooooooooover!

  33. The Important Stuff

    #7 #12 #17 (read #9 first) #19 (read #15 first)

  34. #34

    since they are legacies their apps go straight to nationals. i don't even think chapter members are even able to see who applied legacy. and i doubt their national body cares who the chapter members personally don't like.

    they lost the fair and square way. these kids need to move on. plus, there are plenty of alumni chapters to join if you really are dedicated to the organization.

  35. #35

    Y'all do realize that "hazing" takes place EVERYWHERE...EVEN IN THE WORKFORCE. hazing is doing ANYTHING that makes another feel uncomfortable, stressed, under duress, etc. NFL rookies get hazed to do the other teammates laundry, new waiters in a restaurant get hazed when they are made to do more sidework than seasoned employees, in offices new secretaries and employees are hazed when they are made to stay later completing tedious work while others go home. its all about HUMILITY and being able to humble oneself. nothing negative last forever, if you deal with it then you get that pay raise, promotion, etc. in greek life, you get those letters you wanted. with over 400 interests you have to be petty in order to wittle that number down to 50. she wore a certain color, nope...her makeup aint on point, nope. her hair is messy, nope. LET THE LADIES OF ALPHA CHAPTER AKA LIVE. DAMN! thats why black people can't have nothing, this is the epitome of crabs in a barrel syndrome.

    And how the hell are you going to undermine your own damn chapter?! When I crossed into my org, I had friends thinking that MY HARD WORK sealed the deal for them to float in. HELL NO, i let them know fast I would bring their name up, but if they didn't put in as much work for me I would be the same one to vote no on their asses.

    The game didn't go by your rules, take your f%^&*$# ball and go home and cry. boohoo. Why would your ruin a good thing for everyone just because you couldn't have your way?
    Next companies are going to have to hire lawyers to sit in on the hiring process to make sure they can't be sued for not selecting a candidate.

    The mothers are to blame because they coddle and spoil and pamper these girls too much. If you are THAT annoyed by not making it, do like the Deltas did in 1913 and start your own damn org and let the d9 be

  36. #36

    Wow, shattered dreams of doing Serious Matter. Oh, the irony.

  37. #37

    I wonder if the entitled "you have to accept us because our mom's were in the sorority" might have had just a little bit to do with them not being accepted in the first place?

  38. #38


    Simply because one thing is accepted or a norm in multiple environments ("hazing" analogy you supplied) does not make it any more legal.

    Hazing is illegal. And criminal.

    This does not change my viewpoint that this lawsuit is improper.

  39. #39

    To the non-greeks, please understand that you're not shedding light on any great big secret by continuously typing "they knew who they wanted before the Rush - those girls were pre-selected." Such has been greek life for as long as I can remember, and I've been in for 20+ years. My line was a whole lot more than "selected" before the Interest Meeting.

    You can't legislate someone's thought process. Therefore, if certain ladies displayed desired characteristics of 'sisterhood' to the Alpha Chapter PRIOR to the Rush, it's all good. Are the ladies in the chapter supposed to live, study, and party amongst you for 2-3 years and not form an opinion of your character until Rush? Voting occurs at a point-in-time when an official record must be made. When you went to vote the 2nd Tuesday in November, I'm sure your choice for President was "pre-Selected" - you knew who you wanted in advance.

    Like any society, NPHC greek life has both written and unwritten rules. Nobody should be forced to make you their brother/sister - and why would you want that anyway?

    As my Big Brothers used to tell us: "Everybody can't be greek."

    In this particular situation, it's not surprising that these girls admit participation in inappropriate activity dating back to 2010, but there wasn't an issue until they received those rejection letters in Spring 2013. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  40. #40

    Please know lawsuits against the organization to be placed on lines have been going on for years. We have not had social media to broadcast it so quickly. As a member, it is not a step I would take but our organization really needs to address the "legacy clause" and inform mothers of schools where it is not honored. My daugher has been active with the organization since she was little and if she experiences this when she attends school in the next year or two I am going to be very angry. Legacy's are being punished for having a mother or father that is a member of the organization. It is my understanding at Howard these ladies picked up packets filled them out only to arrive at the rush to be told by the NARD that she was not taking legacy seniors. Shame on her. I understand she only had a few slots to fill with legacys but how about tell them that before they picked up a packet. Put it on the rush flyer then the ladies could have opted not to attend the rush. How unsisterly that was to have these girls pick up packets run around for a week to get their information in order only to have their packet tossed to the side. Howard and the Sorority should have made this right rather than take the position they did. Maybe these parents would have acted differently. I pray peace on the whole situation.

  41. #41

    So you want to join a frat or sorority so you can buy your friends?

  42. #42

    As a member of a BGLO, I find this such a waste of the courts time! Quit your whinning and go join a graduate chapter! HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATED! These ladies cannot be serious! I have a friend who has been dealing with racial discrimination on his job as a black man for the last 2 years and is working with the Human Rights Commission...that is worth the courts time! Being in a sorority does not validate you has a human being nor is it the ONLY way you can serve the community. I never assume a young ladies reasons to want to join a sorority, I ask. And as far as the hazing allegations, BLAHHH. Thats not hazing!! Getting beat half to death is hazing.

    I hope these ladies resolve their issues outside of the courtroom but most importantly find out who they are and what they desire in this process!

  43. Is this where we are

    OMG I cannot believe that this is where we are going nowadays as members of BLGOs! Are you freaking kidding me? Okay let's be real, the AKAs do have a legacy clause but legacies can also be denied if the chapter doesn't feel as though they meet the requirements. Stop complaining and finding reasons to file unnecessary lawsuits and try to apply for membership again through a graduate chapter. Trust me, you will be well respected by doing so.

  44. #44

    Never wanted to pledge a fraternity or sorority, although I have friends from college (who are still close friends to this day) and family members who I love and respect very much who have done it. I just remember thinking that the spiel about "excellence" and "service" was transparently bull. Those teenagers and young adults who pledged mostly wanted to be down, and to opt in to an exclusive social life. Period.

    I'm truly confused by some people's heartfelt and consuming allegiance to these organizations, and willingness to die to become a member, and seemingly heartfelt zeal when talking about membership. Huh? And I'm not talking about the ones who keep it in perspective. One of my best friends is a third-generation legacy AKA, but she keeps everything in perspective. If I know anyone who is a testament to how one can be a part of one of these organizations and enjoy some of the social benefits it confers without losing oneself, it's her. It's the ones who don't keep everything in perspective who are the weak...ladies (and gentlemen). Frankly I don't see how the psychology of membership for those types is much different from the psychology of gang membership, which I've actually studied. I've seen people's desire to become members actually divorce them from what's real and meaningful in life.

    To the commenter whose "big brother" said "Everybody can't be Greek". Yeah, tell that to the Greeks.

  45. #45

    This article is inaccurate. Participating in pre-pledging activities does not make you a "pledge." I don't agree with the lawsuit, but these ladies have a point. If you have a legacy clause and a legacy does not make it, you're just asking for trouble. It's really time for AKA to reexamine the legacy clause. It seems as if it has caused more problems than it has solved.

  46. #46

    I hope they can work this out in private. As an AKA member I can only wonder what the role of the mother's of these ladies played? I think the sorority has lost many great opportunities to embrace a "new" class of woman wanting to enter the sorority. We need more women who are willing to speak out when they see something going wrong. Silence has cost out sorority too much as it is.

  47. #47

    Me Phi Me Phi Me,

    I'll refer you to the fact that I typed 'greek' (not capitalized), while you typed 'Greek'. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you might infer the difference.

    Then again, everybody can't be greek.

  48. #48

    I am not in agreement with suing, however when it is called for I say go for it. I read something on another page that said after the girls picked up the application packets, ran around, and filled them out, when they when to turn them in they were told that they were not accepting senior legacies which is understandable. What can they contribute to the chapter in such a short time right? However, it also was stated that they DID vote yes on 6 NON-LEGACY SENIORS!! That's not right at all! If you don't like them its one thing, but to lie and then admit your senior "friends" is another. And, although I do not know how accurate this information is, if it is true then yes I would have sued because of the principal of the matter. I'm glad its not my organization though.

  49. #49

    This Lawsuit:
    It is just ridiculous. Not being selected into a sorority is so trivial compared to real Human Rights Violations (slavery, torture, unfair trials and even death). They should be ashamed for even putting themselves in that category.

    Not Being Selected:
    GET OVER IT! 250 other girls received that same rejection letter. It happens. They can’t take everyone.. especially since there is now a cap. Whatever the reason is that you did not get accepted, just move on, and if you really want it try again after you graduate. A sisterhood is not based solely on credentials, it is largely based on relationships. WHY on earth would you want to have to sue to get into a specific chapter. This shows me that they clearly do not understand the dynamics of a sorority. You are forever linked to your chapter of initiation. Do you think you will EVER feel at home there, or be accepted by your fellow initiates, or those that came before or after you? The answer is NO WAY! Let it go and join another chapter where you won’t forever be the black sheep.

    Your mother’s credentials do not automatically make you an ideal selection for membership. If you are really that great, you will eventually make it into the sorority on your own. However, the clause exist and I doubt it is going anywhere, so at least be happy that in most cases, you can do nothing and walk right through the pink and green doors. These girls should have just been glad that they still have their moms grad chapters to take them in. I’m sure most of the 250 other girls who did not make it are probably not as lucky. No I’m not a legacy hater. If I had that edge to get in I likely would have used it, but at the same time, I am proud that I didn’t and was voted in on my own accord.

    Comments on Alpha Chapter:
    It saddens me to see comments such as "It's time for Alpha to learn its lesson" And what lesson is that? Pick only the girls who's mothers are sorors with influence, or who have perfect grades and ignore those you have actually built relationships with? Or is it just take everybody that applies? People please put your focus on building up your organization and your chapter and not tearing down another.

    Alpha Made

  50. #50

    All of this is ridiculous. The people commenting in the defense of BGLOs (Black Greek Letter Orgs) sound like Black elitist ready to teach a 'pull yourself up by ur boot strap' lecture, the people who are perceived to be 'not chosen' sound a little salty, but hey! Lets look at the facts.

    There are more Black greeks than there ever were! In the millions!

  51. #51

    I agree with Alpha made. I am an AKA and I think the legacy clause is unfair, but in this situation they are still legacy and they can still get into a grad chapter under the legacy clause. Now they're names are being put out to the public and it's making them look foolish. Their mothers messed it up for them. How can you "snitch" and turn around and think you will make that line? Even going through a grad chapter I was told not to wear pearls or pink and green. That's not hazing! If they had a problem with this, then why did they even apply? What are they hoping to gain by this lawsuit? Suck it up and move on.

  52. #52

    ...more money generated by our organizations than we could imagine. But we got more Black people in jail, miseducated, and coming from single parent homes* than ever before. So congrats! Our founders would be proud. For the non-greek Black folk, there are less us than them, we are foolish if we are waiting for any group (greek, political, etc.) to help/save us. Educate our youth, teach them, unify, regardless of the colors. I am greek, I am non greek, I am poor, I am rich, above all I am Black. WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES!

  53. #53

    This is some sus ish. If you did not make line, just go Grad. I have been Greek for 12 years. I built relationships and "earned" membership into my organization. These ladies will be blackball everywhere they go. Grades and community service is improtant to obtain a spot on line, but an aspirant(s) need to build relationships with chapter members to obtain a votes for thier selection into the org.

  54. JustAnotherGreek

    @MJ apparently AKA has a legacy clause which means they dont get voted on so...

  55. #55

    Reminds me of this:

    In the end, he became a Kappa (the chapter felt pressure to take him the next year) but NO ONE respects him.

  56. #56

    The legacy clause is only valid if your mother/grandmother is financial and you meet the qualifications. And as someone pointed out, the chapter doesn't see the applications for those women.

    The reality is the legacy application process is the only process that is totally "blind" as some of the young women who were 'rejected' seem to want. I've written this before and its pretty simple to grasp. When there is a cap, everyone can't make it. When there is a cap, there is also a cap for legacies. When there is a cap, only the top legacies make it. They are ranked. They would have made it had there been fewer legacy applicants (as is the case some years). But there wasn't.

    My advice to Ms. Cofield and Ms. Compton- drop the lawsuit, go home and have a good cry, then spend some time looking up *real* human rights violations. (see: for starters.) After that I'm sure you'll wake up tomorrow with a smile on your face because your situation, while it may be disappointing, isn't the same thing as having acid thrown in your face for going to school. It isn't the same thing as being raped because of your ethnicity. It isn't the same as being imprisoned because you have a different opinion than your (non-elected) leaders. Your life will go on. You may accomplish great things. You just won't be a member of Alpha Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

  57. #57

    It's sad that people don't want to earn their letters anymore. They just show up, apply for membership,write a check and obtain their letters. Riding the coattails off of someone else to obtain membership is a sucker move. Crying because you did not make it, stating I have the GPA and community service time is a sucker move. Man/Woman up and go hard to obtain a spot on the next line. Snitches and crybabbies are not respected.

  58. #58

    mmj - Amen. Amen. Amen.

  59. #59

    Listen up everyone get off these girls back! They were wronged from the start.

    Point 1: Howard is going by an NPHC cap of 50 with a legacy cap of 1/3. If you are a student, the student handbook indicates that 65 is the limit with no legacy cap, so Howard does not follow the handbook - why are they following a campus club? Is this only a mere guide, what does this say about the all other information in handbook - wake up students I hope you never have to use it for anything, its a joke! If I were an alumi or any of the girls graduating I would not give Howard a penny - EVER! Point 2: The girls were not informed that they had a legacy cap when they picked up there packages, if they were I am sure they would have taken there chances to get voted on do the math people your odds are better. Point 3: Why did the person(s) in charge not split of the legacy selection of candidates and conveniently not pick any seniors? Things that make you go hmmmm.... were they not qualifed as the othter legacy candidates (sophmores/juniors)I don't think so! This crazy rule that I've been hearing that this sorority does not take seniors because they can not contribute is crazy! They never had an opportunty to inititate, let's get that fact straight and why did they even take any seniors at all if this was the case. Say what you want, the chickens will come to roost on folks that wronged these beautiful, bring intellegent young ladies... and I tell you what... I am a member of another organization for 40 years and if my grandchild does not make it... I will show-nuff clown and sue - you better believe it! I pray for peace and a swift decision.

  60. JustAnotherGreek

    @MJ and @mmj I understand that, I am a MADE greek. I'm not a legacy and never had the option of being paper. I'm just saying that other sources on the internet are saying that the reason they were given that they were denied was because they were seniors, yet they still accepted 6 others. Again I say, that I do not know if this is true because I am not on that yard or even in the DC area. But if it is true then they could have come up with better reasons to give them to be not accepted. If you're going to be sneaky then think the whole plan through and not just in the moment. It seems to me like if they would have accepted them they would have gone through with whatever "process" the Alpha chapter was dishing out. And I know I said I'm not apart of this specific org but a sisterhood is a sisterhood and we (though we wear different colors) are viewed as one. I will stand by my greek sisters if they had just cause for the actions taken, however if they were wrong and being spiteful then I think that the members should just own up to it.

  61. #61

    We all do not share views on the same things. What we may consider stupid or "just life" is something big to another person. I know this is an extreme example but let's take the high profile case of Trayvon Martin. The Defendent said he was exercising his right to defend himself and they by being jailed violated his rights. People who said with Zimmerman said "it's life. get over it we all have that right". The Planitiff said that Trayvon and his family's rights were violated. The people who sided with them said "Zimmerman should pay". either way both parties rights have been hugely violated and both sides feel that theirs is more important. Are you all just siding with the AKAs solely because they are greek? If you weren't greek do you think you would have an unbias position on the story? and No I'm not greek.

  62. #62


    for the 3rd/4th/5th/etc. time, if they did not get picked, that is the doing/decision of the national body (who does not know them from the next sally, mae, or sue), not the chapter. the chapter does not even see legacy applications, nor do they know who applies legacy.

    if the national body didn't want to pick legacy seniors, then that's their prerogative. it's their organization. the chapter members play no role when it comes to legacy apps.

  63. #63

    Final comment- justanothergreek: Senior status may have been what caused them to be 'outranked' by other legacy candidates who were sophomores and juniors. If that's the case then it is because they were seniors. Also, IF they were rejected solely because they were seniors, then it is NOT because of their 'familial' status. (Just another reason this is frivolous)

    FWIW- I'm a legacy (who was initiated prior to this becoming rule). I was also a senior. But things worked to my favor and here I stand today. AND, I would have still been standing had I not received the votes.

  64. #64

    thisandthat- you're not seriously comparing the death of an unarmed child to being rejected by a sorority? Yes, its a big deal to them, but come on-- it ain't that serious. Life goes on for these two young ladies. It doesn't for Trayvon Martin.

  65. #65

    Right If there's a cap, then every legacy who qualifies will not make it. Period. Just think if they took every legacy. They would have a line of 100+. I had to pledge grad chapter because where I went to school the legacies were first priority and there was a cap. After the legacies were picked, there was no room left for non-legacies It was unfair. Now the shoe is on the other foot. How does it feel?

  66. #66

    Sororities and fraternities are able to pick who they want as members at their own discretion, period point blank. Saying the selection process isn't fair is mute because how do you know how candidates are picked if you aren't a member? This is mad stupid and I really hope Howard and AKA counter sues these folks for false claims. Human rights violated because they were denied membership for a sorority. Stop..........

  67. #67

    still lmao at "Human rights violation." Like they was in slave camp in North Korea.

  68. #68

    It is me again! You know what I am sick and tired of our people always making clowns of ourself - for the whole world to view and see! As I said earlier, had these girls and others been picked fair we would not be having this problem. When something of this magnitude hits media leadership of both organizations ( AKA, Howard) should be held accountable. Both could have made this go away but they choise not to - so this is what they both get for showing who's you know what is blaXXXist.! Everyone need to go and sit down and have a seat and make it go away. Girls keep your head-up you are representing legecies all over the globe who have had this happen to them - thank you for your courage. I am done - I get madder the more I read the ignorant post especially the Alpha Made - please sit down somewhere I am sure your pearls are no better than any other members in your organization and besides who cares.

  69. #69

    It is me again! You know what I am sick and tired of our people always making clowns of ourself - for the whole world to view and see! As I said earlier, had these girls and others been picked fair we would not be having this problem. When something of this magnitude hits media leadership of both organizations ( AKA, Howard) should be held accountable. Both could have made this go away but they choise not to - so this is what they both get for showing who's you know what is blaXXXist.! Everyone need to go and sit down and have a seat and make it go away. Girls keep your head-up you are representing legecies all over the globe who have had this happen to them - thank you for your courage. I am done - I get madder the more I read the ignorant post especially the Alpha Made - please sit down somewhere I am sure your pearls are no better than any other members in your organization and besides who cares.

  70. It's Vindication

    Vendication, learn how to spell and use proper grammar. Nationals didn't pick them. That's who received their packet. You and these young ladies have a false sense of entitlement.

  71. #71

    Please do a Google search for the poem "Excuses". If you want something in life... earn it. Nothing should be handed to you on a silver plate. You would not appreciate it.

  72. #72

    Is there a reason why graduate chapter intake would not be an option for these young ladies if they really want to be members so badly? I personally would find another way. Even if they did win the suit and "get in"...what kind of experience would this be for them? Their names are out there, and now all AKA's know who they are; many would possibly ostracize them because of the lawsuit against the sorority. I'm an AKA member with a daughter who is also a member. She chose NOT to enter as a legacy because there are also strict qualifiers that have to be met under that intake option. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for hazing. Quite frankly, I would not be an AKA today if I had to go through some of the craziness again that I experienced back in the day when I "pledged." Black sororities, fraternities, bands, etc., have got to stop this culture of humiliation and abuse of our own! It's senseless!!!

  73. #73

    At the end of the day this lawsuit is about obtainining damages ($$$) to compensate the plaintiff for what exactly? ? ? ? WHAT LOSS WAS SUFFERED HERE?

    And an injunction to stop further selection processes...Yeah that really helps...

    I wonder what lawsuits will come about when one of the Lauren(in) doesn't get selected for a job? For a real estate contract of sale? Credit lending? Any other social organization?

    What is the message we are teaching these 20 something girls?

    If you dont get selected it must have been due to discrimination, so sue your way to get your way...


  74. #74

    That's the thing I don't understand -- why not wait till you graduate and GO GRAD? As an AKA legacy, you're in. Period. Why go through this? And why pull the ultimate b**ch move and try to hold up the process for those that were picked? REALLY? So, if you can't make it, can't nobody make it, huh? That's sisterhood for ya.

    The mother is even worse for her part. What happened to YOUR OATH? Sorority membership, even in your mommy's organization, is NOT a right. Being selected for membership is a PRIVILEGE that clearly all are not deserving of!

  75. #75

    Does anyone know why a cap exists in the first place? It seems to me that this is a unfair practice, unless there is a legal reason for it. I work at a PWI and graduated from one as well. On these campuses what I see is a drop in interest in BGLO and I see highly qualified African American students rushing sororities and fraternities associated with the National Panhellenic Conference. I worry that practices like these will eventually hurt BGLO.

  76. Don't believe Hype

    @Mann Listen, I "Pledged" undergrad at the so-called elite Black institution of excellence and I am a well-respected member. However, it's time the so-called Black educated elite tell the future generations especially, HBCU students the truth. Black Fraternities and Sororities of today are some Bull S@@@.
    Mann Listen, perhaps you were and still a weak ass bitch that needed some BS organization to define you. The D9 have gone to S@@@ because of people like you. I enjoyed pimping weak ass bitches like you. You know all the chicken and brew, humiliation, ass wimping etc your dumb ass endured just so you could say that your are a part of a group of guys that don’t even right like your dumb ass. Ladies stand on your principle but again know that you aren’t missing S@@@. Just telling you what your momma and daddies should have already told you. I’m not proud of it but it’s the truth. Peace & Stay Strong

  77. #77

    I'm still ROFL at these comments.

    The cap exists because the sorority was tired of letting people in who simply met the requirements. Also it exists because it is dang on there impossible to pledge... Um um I mean form a bond with 137 women on the same line. Goodness the ridicule these women face because of these large line numbers is unreal. I applaud AKA for trying to shield sorors from this.

    Alpha Kappa Alpha is not what it used to be IMHO, and it is mainly because of the caliber of women we have been letting in to this org due to the wack MIP process. We are tightening up, and of course people are gonna walk away mad about it. *shrugs*

    How about I say it again LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Selection for membership into a sorority is NOT FAIR EITHER. The spoiled, entitled, narcissistic youth of today just don't get it. If you cannot grasp this reality that AKA and membership in it is like this then please stop wasting the taxpayer's money on this frivolous issue. AKA is only going to take your money and your youth from you. RUN and get real jobs and lives please.

  78. #78

    @SP08 - Do all the fraternities and sororities have a cap?

  79. #79

    @Diana, no. Some schools impose limits, while it may be chapter policy to impose a cap.

  80. #80

    @Don't Believe the Hype YOU ARE RIGHT.

    Membership is not how it used to be in these orgs. LIVE YOUR LIFE. Don't let people walk all over you for some letters. If you are going to join GO GRAD or DO IT THE LEGIT WAY UNDERGRAD AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. Be prepared for foolishness to occur but at LEAST you will have your self respect.

    I know both sides of the coin. I was hazed and hazed others and I regret it. I was hypocrite telling many prospective members that my org was a non-hazing org but participating in the foolishness myself. My conscience couldn't take it anymore. PLUS I saw many HIGH RANKING members look the other way at hazing yet preach that they are against it. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. Prospective members only see what is happening on THE OUTSIDE of these orgs, but once you join you discover they are a COMPLETE MESS. YES MOST OF THEM ARE A MESS. Do not be bullied by these people. Go to school, get HIGH GPA'S stay drama free and I REPEAT LIVE YOUR LIFE. Stop trying to belong to something that doesn't want you for anything but your labor and your money to make IT great.

  81. #81

    So all the people on the these ladies side.

    Should all 50 initiates have been legacy?
    What if there were 50 legacy seniors, should they have taken all 50?
    And how do you propose they rank the legacies? How long your mother/grandmother has been financially active compared to the other legacies?

    "How about I say it again LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Selection for membership into a sorority is NOT FAIR EITHER. The spoiled, entitled, narcissistic youth of today just don't get it."

    I agree with this ^^^^

  82. #82

    Ya'll need to stop it! Hilarious! This has GOT to be a joke.

  83. #83

    Vendication, where is the "we"? You aren't an AKA and I'm so thankful you are not apart of the org because your sense of entitlement is crazy. "Had the process been fair" how do you know how people were selected? You aren't a member (thank God) so you have no idea what the process is. Like my screen name says, YOU and these girls need to get your life ASAP. Get "madder" even more, still won't change the fact you aren't an AKA. Tis' life!

  84. #84

    Vendication probably forgot how to spell after the "40 years" she's been (hopefully FINANCIALLY) active in her org. Let me explain something about Howard NPHC: the members of NPHC which is made up of all active chapters of the D9 votes on a cap to limit the amount of initiates any organization can have during the spring semester. Granted, the HU Handbook might say the cap is 65, but said handbook might not have been updated after the latest vote to amend the cap took place. However, university officials are aware of NPHC policies. Not only at Howard but on every campus that has greek orgs exists a ruling body to govern those greek orbs. It provides us with some wiggle room to govern ourselves...if a situation warrants the deciding factor of a higher governing body, then the matter gets forwarded to Student Activities, then the University Judicial Committee, etc.

    Caps are in place to stop the mockery when 137 people are initiated on one line. These are SELECTIVE orgs. Just because you WANT to be a part doesn't mean you will be chosen. That's what makes it exclusive and worth having. The issue at hand here is still the feeling of ENTITLEMENT to be an Alpha chapter member of one of the D9 orgs. You should pledge to be a member of the ORGANIZATION, NOT THE CHAPTER. And if all you care about is your chapter, you won't benefit from the network the D9 provides anyways.

    Also, nobody is forced into participating in activities that might be considered hazing. You can refuse from the jump. But choosing to not wear certain things or subjecting yourself to humiliation and then suing when you don't get chosen is petty. You allowed it to happen to yourselves. Call it blaming the victim, IDGAF.

    Lastly, I applaud the author of this paper for choosing to include the names of the ladies who filed the suit. I'm a member of a D9 greek org, and I can tell you that D9 orgs are CONSTANTLY the subject of allegations of hazing, and are always treated as "guilty until proven innocent". Alot of times FAKE allegations are made because the "victims" know they can jam up the intake process and thus stop others from joining the org they weren't selected for. However, unlike in the legal system where one gets the chance to face his accuser, many times in the college judicial setting we are left to defend ourselves without getting the same privilege.

    lastly, i wonder how Howard Homecoming 2013 is going to be for that Alpha Chapter AKA and Xi Chapter Kappa who are the proud parents of one of the girls in the lawsuit. Can you say "cold shoulder"? OUCH

  85. #85

    AKA responded in a memorandum explaining what a legacy is:

    The names of all
    candidates except legacy candidates are placed on a ballot for a secret vote taken by the active
    chapter membership. (Id. at 32 § 17.) A legacy candidate is an undergraduate who is the4
    daughter, granddaughter, adopted daughter, stepdaughter, or legal ward of a soror who has been
    active for at least two years prior to the legacy application. (Id. at 31 § 14.) Legacy candidates
    must meet all of the qualifications for membership, but they are not subjected to a vote by the

    Ms. Compton and Ms. Cofield are INDEED the daughter's of FINANCIALLY ACTIVE members of AKA and are therefore, legacies. They did not need to be voted on.

    The selection process is explained below:

    To follow this manual for the 2013 MIP, AKA would have met the priority order
    requirement by first selecting the maximum number of legacy candidates that it was allowed.
    When AKA followed the process dictated by all of the above guidelines, one-third of the 50
    new-member cap rounded up gave it 17 legacy candidate slots. Per the priority order, those slots
    then had to be filled with first sophomores, juniors, and then seniors. In the 2013 Rush, 17 of the
    legacy candidate applications were submitted by sophomores and juniors. (Compl. ¶ 32.)
    Therefore, all 17 of the legacy candidate selections permitted by the applicable caps would have
    been filled by sophomores and juniors, without reaching the senior legacy candidates, such as the

    This means that they were not selected simply because they were seniors, with no regard to ranking (GPA, Community Service, Review of Application for goodness sake!). Yes, if you were a sophomore or junior with a 2.85 or above, you made line. There were plenty of LEGACY seniors who did not make line with GPAs that if ranked, would have qualified them for MIP. (As an initial note, it is not just the two undergraduate Plaintiffs who were not
    selected for the process, but rather there were thirteen senior legacy candidates not selected in

    HOWEVER, if there was an issue with ladies not being able to contribute to the Alpha Chapter after graduating, then why would they vote on other seniors to become members? Yes, there are seniors on line. No, they are not legacies.

    And understand that these ladies in Alpha Chapter wear that like a badge of honor. (See ALPHA MADE above). If you aren't ALPHA, you aren't anything. In addition, these ladies have to see sophomores and juniors who are less qualified probate in a few weeks while they have been waiting patiently for the last 3 years to have a chance to apply.

    No, I do not agree with the lawsuit. However, they have a point that this process was not fair and I do respect their viewpoint. People are saying legacies should not feel entitled, but with the Legacy Clause, they basically are.

  86. #86

    Are we really posting elements of Alpha Kappa Alpha's membership intake processes/procedures on this site for general perusal? Things have changed.

  87. Disturbed Citizen

    Here is a recording from what happened at trial this morning for Alpha Chapter:

  88. #88

    Hey Now,

    I don't know the AKA process, nor do I feel I need to, but per
    your very own post (assuming everything you typed is accurate) - yes, they were entitled.

    According to your information, they were entitled to be ranked (as legacies, by class - as you outlined), and it's those same rules that you cite that RIGHTFULLY cut them off, as the cap of 17 legacies was met prior to reaching Seniors.

    Should Alpha Chapter go by ALL of the rules or just some of them?

    A fair process? It's a SISTERHOOD, not the Student Government Association.

  89. #89

    The national body and the chapter reserve the right to pick whoever they want.

    If the national body goes in accordance with their own rules, then yes, these girls do NOT get picked. Tough luck. They chose the road they did, don't get mad about the potholes. If they were well liked by all of the members and decided to apply under the legacy clause, THEY STILL WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT. What's so hard to understand about this? There's no foul play, no "haze", the cards just simply weren't cut for these girls and the other legacy seniors.

    In regards to the chapter's organizational rights, they as well, reserve the right to pick WHO THEY WANT. If they want to pick 30 seniors and 2 sophomores, they can and they have that option.

    Legacies do not get voted on, they are not a responsibility of the chapter. The chapter and the national org are 2 separate things when it comes to applying/rushing. They handle separate responsibilities. Who ever the chapter picks has no bearing on who the national org picks and vice versa.

    If you get rid of all 6 seniors they may have picked, guess what? THESE 2 GIRLS DO STILL NOT MAKE LINE. Plain and simple. People need to get out of this crabs in a barrel mentality. "I can't win so everyone else must fail too". The nerve...

    And let's not speak on the subject of fair. It's not fair that every year 17-20 or however many QUALIFIED young females who are looking to join this sorority have to miss out on this opportunity because someone's mom signed some papers back in '68. If anything that's not fair. These girls have not earned anything. They don't know what "fair" is.

  90. #90

    Know the facts- your long posting adds (and clarifies) a lot of info, but doesn't change the end result, it just supports it. The guidelines stipulated that there is a ranking system- no it doesn't include grades, service, etc (as it used to). They've decided that the first priority would be classification. You may call that unfair, you may disagree, but its the rule and it was followed. Unfortunately for the seniors, there hasn't been a line since they were freshman and they missed out. Join a grad chapter like everyone else whose been in this situation (at Howard and many other schools) has done.

  91. #91

    I pledged AKA back in the 90's at an HBCU. We were one of the last small lines. I honestly would never encourage my daughter to pledge the organization. Define yourself, don't let an organization do it for you. Also, to be honest , there are quite a lot of petty stuck up bitches in this organization. You would be better off not joining.

  92. #92

    I think that everyone on this board needs to see this AKA video on YouTube. Flips hair and exits.

    Carry on

  93. #93

    I love how people are lamenting that "Life isn't fair" yet gripe that their organization should be immunne to a legal check.

    First and foremost, your job is committment to your community. Is your community young black women who look up to you, or other members/want to be members of the black elite? Kindness goes a long way.

    Due to their not being a line until their senior year, these girls were essentially hazed their entire collegiate stay. Someone could have pulled them to the side and said "hey, it's not going to happen for you" around junior year. That would have been decent.

    I remember one girl, she was a senior....knew all the information... had wanted it since freshmen year (which of course involved stalking people all over the yard for 4 YEARS!!) There was some rumbling among then prospects that she wasn't going to make it (the reason why escapes me)..that didn't stop the organization from allowing her to fundraise. And go to events. and 22 mile walks..etc..

    Bottom line. Life isn't fair. You act like a douche you open yourself up to be checked. It's 2013 and people believe in their dignitiy. If the divine 9 continue down their path - they will soon find themselves in the pool with Jack and Jill. Begging people to join, and scraping the barrel for people who need to fit in - as the strong willed and intelligent decide to go elsewhere.

  94. #94

    1908AKA unfortunately soror you speak the truth. Anyone breaking their backs to join AKA now is CRAZY. We need major reform.

  95. #95

    Maturation is a process that supersedes any BGLO Membership Intake Process; whereas, "Joe Brady" would infer otherwise.

  96. #96

    Update: The Case was dismissed and they were denied membership...

  97. #97

    Why would anyone want to be an AKA anyway? You'd just be another number...a very large number, but a useless number.

    pledge something that needs the numbers, like SGRhos or Omega Pearls!

  98. #98

    I thought sororities were about sisterhood, not being catty jerks.

  99. #99

    1st: Natl Pan Hell CANNOT dictate anything to any organization what to do (re: cap on lines) 2nd, read the dang articles: the two young ladies seem to have been on line but not allowed to cross for no other reason than they were legacies. It'll be interesting, in a few years, to see how those sorors feel about legacies when their daughters come up for membership. I already know the answer to that rhetorical ?. I'm an active member of a Blk fraternity and have seen it play out yr, after yr, after yr, after yr. All of a sudden, when it's their child or relative, "it's different", "you don;t understand", etc, etc . . .

  100. #100

    Bottom Line: there are state and federal hazing statutes and, whether or not people like them, they are applicable and being adamantly applied and pursued by the powers that be. Also, so, so, so many folks who claim they went thru whatever "strenuous process" didn't catch near the hell they claim and the biggest hazers oft times turn out to be the folks whom the least was done to when they went thru the process.

  101. #101

    This story is very interesting . I didn't know that Greek life was still so popular.Back in the 80s I went to a large public univ in Calif. Frats and sororities were really gaining in popularity after being seen as elitist and out of touch with "the struggle" of the1960-70s.I was majoring in an engineering field and I met another brother was also majoring in engineering . He told me about a frat that was just getting started on campus that he and other Black engr majors were going to pledge. He said that I would be a charter member of the chapter along with him if I went on line. I declined his offer. I'll admit that the Greeks were the "in crowd" among the Black students on the mainly white campus..Over the years he and others from that frat and other frats invited me to their smokers which I declined. To make a long story short , most of the frat brother didn't graduate but to this day the ones I have kept in touch with are still proud to be members of the frat.WTF? A couple of years after I started working in a different city after graduating, I began taking grad couses in the evening. I was walking past the gym one day and ran into one of the frat brothers who tried to get me to join his frat a few years before. I knew that he was from this city. He told that he was workig in law enforcement (which I already knew he had gone into after dropping out of engineering). He asked me if I was going for my masters which was true. As one of my other friends used to say about the frats is that the brothers forget what they're going to school for.

    These two women should forget about the AKAs for now. They are getting good grades and I'm sure that they will be successful in their chosen careers.There will be plenty of organizations through which they can contribute to the community and who will welcome them.

  102. #102

    Go to on the membership tab. It clearly states membership is by INVITATION ONLY. Membership is exclusive. These crybabies with the sense of entitlement are why there are all these rules,to appease all those who just don't get that everybody isnt going to make it. MIP isn't supposed ro be fair. It's SUPPOSED to be unfair, I should not have to let any person off the streets into my organization... And to AKA1908... Off we are pwtty bitches... Please feel free to exit, stage left...

  103. #103

    When these girls graduate and get into the real world and learn there is a world outside of Howard University they will realize how little belonging to these groups matter.

  104. #104

    Sit it out, this too shall pass, you din't get in, cry a river, run to a grad chapter, suing won't solve issues and won't clearly give you a membership card

  105. #105

    RQQ to the Bruhz!!!

  106. #106

    I am a legacy and my mom is an AKA advisor and the legacy clause states that the MOTHER must have been active for 24 consecutive months prior to the Rush, attended so many conferences and meetings w/n those 24 months, and a signed legacy form from their local grad chapter president and submitted on time. A mother being an AKA doesnt make her daughter "legacy" if she has not met ALL the requirements to be considered a legacy! There is protocol in AKA if the mothers felt their daughters were handled unfairly and knowing OUR regional director with membership and allegations of hazing, the parents had no case and that is why they sued. All sisters know that Nationals and regionals jump on any and every little allegation of hazing or improper conduct! Furthermore, each AKA has ALL the national, regional,local, and international contact information and could have addressed this with the Sorority at ANY TIME whether she is active or not! But please understand that it is the mother's responsibility to REMAIN ACTIVE in order to use the legacy clause and if the mothers WERE active in a local chapter, they would have been informed of that when they needed the local president's signature. Their daughters still had to have everything else the other non-legacies had! Clearly the mothers need to stop being t-shirt wearers and become active and learn the new amendments because things have changed from 20yrs ago!

  107. #107

    Has this case really been dismissed as stated above?

  108. #108

    I commend these ladies for standing up to the petty nonsense that has plagued this organization for decades. If the organization has a rule that if your mother is an AKA then you are in if you meet all requirements, then they should abide by their own darn rule. It is a birthright!!!! Why would sisters not want to accept other sisters daughters, this makes absolutely no sense. This organization needs to get it together with better leadership or the future will be bleak. I heard Michelle Obama rejected their invitation after she saw how shady they were. Keep your heard up ladies and know that everything happens for a reason. You will probably be better off without the fake sisters who talk about you and stab you in the back. Pledge Delta, Zeta or Sigma, at least they are smart enough to perpetrate sisterhood a little better. God help the AKAs, they need Jesus.

  109. #109

    The case has not been dismissed.

  110. #110

    The reality of this situation is that it is highly unlikely that they will accomplish much with this lawsuit. The spotlight will be on D9 intake processes for a while but will ultimately subside just as it does with other big hazing/intake stories (just the reality of it). The best thing they could have done is join a grad chapter and work hard to gain a leadership position on the regional and national level (over time) and ultimately BE the change in the organization that they wish to see. I applied to my sorority at a time when there were over 250 applicants on our campus. Many of my close friends didnt make it but pledged later and are still happy and productive members. Also, I just read that the parents have had thier memberships revoked (rightfully so) and the lawyer is stating that the sorority broke the law by tampering with witnesses in a federal court case. It seems like this will be a long drawn out situation.

  111. #111

    One last thing....if you read the accompanying court documents you will see exactly why they were not chosen. Apparently, they could have chosen to apply as a regular candidate who is subject to chapter vote and they chose not to. The 1/3 legacy cap that Howard has for its greeks meant that only 17 legacies can be chosen in priority order of sophomores, juniors, then seniors. All of the slots were filled with sophomore and junior legacy applicants. The seniors were not even considered. If they had however, applied as a non-legacy candidate they would have had better chances and could have raked in the chapter vote IF they had built relationships and had enough current members to support. Its obvious that the chapter didn't want them because someone could have given them this info prior to them applying. Also consider that pre pledging may have been done by one or two individuals(current or past members) and does not necessarily equate the acceptance/support of the current chapter. This new breed of greeks has to tighten up. Stop pre pledging people who you know you will not accept. Check out the documents all!!!!

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