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NoVa Gallon-Smashers “Kind of” Sorry for Prank

Fresh off terrorizing Vienna, Va., with their "gallon-smashing" ways, Omar, Zayd and Faysal Khatib are repentant...sort of.

In an appearance on TV show RightThisMinute, the three pranksters were asked whether they felt bad about flopping all over local grocery stores. “We kind of do, now," said Omar. "But I mean, it was just an innocent prank."

Fair enough! Sadly for fans of spilled milk and juice, though, the spree is over, according to Omar. "We probably won’t do anything this bad again," he says. "We’ll probably calm it down a little."


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  • Jonathon Taylor

    Not innocent at all. Why aren't they already arrested for destruction of personal property?

  • Lisa

    Innocent prank? Talk to the folk who had their clothes splattered, who may have been frightened by the sudden event, who went to help the poor fallen children and were concerned on their behalf, who had to clean up the mess, the waste, and that people like me are left with a sick feeling in my stomach that our culture and our youth are selfish, apathetic, bored, ignorant idiots. One can only hope their parents who may have came to the US for a better life punish them accordingly.

  • Betsy

    It's sad that certain segments of today's youth cannot find better things to do with their time. What happened to just going to the movies, getting together and playing video games at a friend's house, hosting a private party? Just something better than this. This "prank" is a huge waste of time, money, product and quite frankly, the brain cells needed to plan the prank in the first place. I think these kids should be fined and dealt community service. Or be made to offer free assistance at the places they've "pranked" for compensation.

  • shelby

    i think- who cares.... just have them clean up the mess and pay for the gallons of milk and lets move on. its a dumb fad and not a big deal... it doesn't hurt anyone

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