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Real Estate Preposterousness Spiral Continues

Forget the AVA Twitter wall! So long, Louis' bulldogs-in-tutus aesthetic! That's because we have a new winner for craziest Washington development gimmick, and it is Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit, a 31-condo development at 3930 Georgia Ave. NW, is presumably so named because it's hot. Hot as a unit of temperature! In emphatic italics, Fahrenheit's website urges (warns?) visitors to "Feel The Heat in 2013."

Pers Development, which is behind the project, is really running with this heat theme. On its website, the firm asks: "With so much news the only question left to ask is: Can you feel the heat, DC?"

Well, can you?

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  • Jim V – All Foreclosure

    Is it just me, or is the placement of the "DC" rather unfortunate in relation to the "F"? Kinda looks like half of a poster to me with the first half spelling out "Fu". Put a couple of 45 degree legs on the bottom of the "D" and you have a real interesting logo. Street artists will have fun with it.