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Metro Tops D.C. Missed Connections

Some people like the classics. We're now 13 years into the new millennium, with new new hook-up options emerging every day. And yet some people are still using Craigslist Missed Connections. By looking at the location of the 100 most recent  D.C. missed connections ads, Psychology Today has figured out that Metro provides the setting of more Missed Connections than any other District location.

The subway also tops in other transit-heavy states like Massachusetts and New York. In our neighbor to the south, however, lonely meatheads rule: The gym was the most popular location for Missed Connections in Virginia. In bucolic Maryland, on the other hand, the most Missed Connections happen in parks.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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  • Ben Schumin

    So in Metro dating, it's what, getting to Metro Center, then Stadium-Armory, and if they're really lucky, all the way to New Carrollton?

  • seeseehpounder

    Way to go Maryland, you dirty little freaks. The map is pretty funny. WalMart tops many of the dumber states and Goergia's top missed connection is in the car. The car? What the shit is that.