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The Needle: Duel Time

I Demand Satisfaction: Today marks the 174th year that dueling has been illegal in Washington. Let's make it to the 175th. +2

The Ring: Should D.C. apply for the 2024 Olympics? Nope, but it's nice to think about. +2

If It's Free, It's For You: Zeke's DC Donutz—last seen stirring controversy with its earlier name, Cool Disco Donuts—has its grand opening tomorrow. Show them there's no hard feelings and help yourself to some donuts, free to the first 200 customers. +3

All Good Things Must End: The Zendiks—the cult or, alternately, farm collective who peddled their "Stop Bitching/Start a Revolution" shirts around town—are selling their West Virginia farm. Relive the magic with Washington City Paper's 2005 deep dive on the group. +/-0

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