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LivingSocial “Harlem Shake” Video Is Very LivingSocial

To get inside Washington daily deals giant LivingSocial, you could read "Living LivingSocial," our November cover story on the company. Or you could just watch the LivingSocial Harlem Shake video, which is so LivingSocial I feel like it should get a tax break, then lay off half its dancers.

Some things you didn't know were a part of LivingSocial's corporate culture, but could probably guess were. After watching the "Harlem Shake" video, there's no doubt that the LivingSocial lifestyle features:

  • Awkward men in suits dancing.
  • Washington Capitals gear.
  • "Green man" costumes.
  • Santa Claus masturbating a bell.

Meanwhile, commenters on "Living LivingSocial" are less enthusiastic about the Harlem Shake:

Hey guys, my colleagues and I from LivingSocial are doing the Harlem Shake tomorrow in front of the White House. Yay! Forget profitability...screw that. Let's all do the Harlem Shake! You rock [CEO] Tim [O'Shaughnessy], you rock.

But it's a fun video! Bonuses for all "culture vultures."

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  • exLivingSocial

    The pink butthole is very LivingSocial.

  • moonoveratlas

    Is this what passes for journalism?

  • DClocal82

    Will Sommer = ultimate career plateau

  • lindsaylohan

    OMG Will, can I see your Burn Book?

  • concerned

    Someone hurt you didn't they? Maybe even touched you? It's not your's not your fault.