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Truck Flips Over on 295 Ramp

This is not how trucks are supposed to look! According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the above truck flipped over on the  I-295 ramp by the 11th Street Bridge this afternoon and is still wreaking traffic havoc. Since the truck is all over it, police have shut down the ramp.

MPD isn't sure yet how the truck flipped over, according to a police spokeswoman Officer Hugh Carew.

Let's take a look from another angle:

MPD isn't sure when the truck will be cleared.

Photo courtesy MPD.

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  • seeseehpounder

    My guess is he was cutoff by a dickhead MD driver who didn't use a blinker or check for big trucks. He probably merged into the exit lane at the last second before hitting the divider too. This dickhead's license plate was: NOODLEZ.