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Cat Appears at WCP, Maybe It’s Yours

Do you recognize the cat at right? It showed up in the Washington City Paper garage today and has stolen the hearts of our staffers. My immediate plan was to reap BuzzFeed-levels of traffic with a cat slideshow, but it's scared and seems to want to go home—wherever that may be.

If this is your cat, call WCP at 202-332-2100 to get it back. Otherwise, I will give it one of the following names:

  • Council Chairman Phil Meowndelson
  • Wizards star John Claw.
  • Washington Kitty Paper.

Leave your local news-centric cat name suggestions in the comments.

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  • Amazing

    Washington Kitty Paper is the only option. Amazing.

  • Mike Riggs

    Meowcolm X (Park).

  • Left for LeDroit

    Meowion Barry
    Catwar Gandhi

  • Will Sommer

    Catwar Gandhi is excellent.

  • Matt Cohen

    Kwameow Brown.

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    Hairy Thomas Jr.
    Kenyan McFluffy
    And don't forget rapper Tabby Bonney

  • BFM

    Brooke Catfield

  • Rebecca Mills

    Meowvin Gaye

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    Purrrrriel Bowser

  • Sophie Gilbert

    Mike Meow-den.

  • Rebecca Mills

    Allen Mew
    Muriel Meowser
    The Black Cat

  • Jonathan L. Fischer

    We forgot the most obvious one: David Catania.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Meow Montgomery
    Muriel Mouser
    Washington Whiskers

  • Jacques

    Meowpic little twit?

  • Guest

    Kitty "Fully Loaded" Meow-n

  • Ben

    Geoff Catchard.

  • Ben

    Feral Issa

  • Matt Cohen
  • Elizabeth

    City Kitty

  • Guest

    Feline Arena
    Cat Brains
    Sticky Mice
    Chococat City

  • Sandlynn

    "Meow-for-Life" (Meowion Barry)

  • DC

    Lydia DePurris

  • noodlez

    one kitty!

  • Ben

    Smallpawx Champion
    Diego's Hairball Salon
    Blagden Alleycat
    DCist Commentaricat
    Shadow Cat-paign

  • Matt Cohen

    I demand Valerie Catschall to pen a biography of this new feline.

  • Ben

    Cat Trel

  • noodlez

    Shared Catness

  • DC

    Ward 9 (lives)

  • yellowliner

    Newsie, of course.

  • Ben

    Ian MeowKaye

  • FuzzyP

    If you have not done so yet, you may want to take the kitty to the AdMo vet to have it scanned for a microchip.

  • Typical DC BS

    I'm impressed with the level of creativity and wit displayed here. And all it took was a picture of a cat!

  • Alicia

    I vote for Brooke Catfield!

  • Brooke Hatfield

    Meownt Pleasant
    One Kitty
    Washington Meownument

  • Alicia

    DC Meow - Purruption!

  • IMGoph

    I didn't realize Ben Freed had submitted one named after me.

  • Ben

    Oh man, can't believe I didn't think of this earlier:

  • Ben

    George Pawlecanos
    George Pelecatnos

    depending on your fancy