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D.C. Cabs Could Soon Be All Red

The future?

D.C. cabs could soon be, finally, getting a uniform color. This morning, the "One Color Panel," set up to consider the cab color, recommended that the color scheme should be red.

That should be a relief to opponents of the original proposed multi-color schemes, which were unpopular because they were very ugly. Also likely to be happy about the decision: several D.C. Councilmembers who also wanted a single color.

Next up for the fiery paint job: approval by the entire cab commission.

Did your color get shafted? Still a fan of the Brazilian flag design? Have your say in the comments.

Red taxi photo by Shutterstock.


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  • EzE

    Why not go with classic taxicab yellow? It's universally recogized and rarely seen on other vehicles. Why overthink this whole thing?

  • Zinzindor

    Why not go with diversity? Uniformity -- especially mandated and enforced uniformity -- is a downer. How can I tell which cab is my favorite company? Let a thousand taxis bloom.

  • Sandra Day Bro’Conner

    How much time and money was wasted on this mess -- the multi-color schemes were absolutely awful and looked like they were made by a 3rd grader using MS Paint.

  • Rider

    The thing is that red is the near-universal color for fire vehicles. Why put another fleet of red cars on the streets? What's wrong with standard taxi yellow, which everybody everywhere knows is a cab? Cabs can even be ordered from the manufacturers in standard yellow; the red might be an expensive custom job.

  • D

    So does DC still have to pay Mckissack & Mckissack for the comically bad designs they put out? DC public high school students could have done better for much cheaper.