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New Round of “Anti-Jihad” Ads Headed to Metro

Have you figured out yet what "anti-jihad" blogger Pamela Geller thinks of Islam? If the "savages" ads and the World Trade Center ads didn't make the picture clear, you're in luck: Geller and her group are returning to the Metro, this time with a campaign modeled on a pro-Muslim campaign currently in the system.

Geller's new ads are a reaction to the #MyJihad ads sponsored by the Chicago branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which feature characters describing their "jihad" innocuously: "#MyJihad is to build bridges through friendships." In contrast, the campaign sponsored by Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative feature more menacing quotes involving people like Osama bin Laden and accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, above.

Via email, Geller confirmed that the ads are coming to the Metro system. While it's not clear yet when they'll be posted, Metro General Manager Richard Sarles referenced the new ads in an email to employees:

I want to let you know that a number of new advertisements are scheduled for display in our system and some may be offensive to our employees and our customers.  These ads, like others we’ve displayed because the courts have deemed our advertising program as a public forum, are protected under the First Amendment.  However, we now require that they include a disclaimer that the views and opinions expressed are not endorsed by WMATA and do not represent the views of the Agency.

Fighting the first round of "anti-jihad" ads cost Metro $35,000 in attorney's fees.

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  • Maria

    I've seen the original My Jihad ads and they are ridiculous. Glad to see someone is actually taking them on!

  • Susan K

    From what I've seen of her ads, they simply copy verses of the qur'an. The verses that are in effect today since the newer verses cancel out the older verses. It's called abrogation.

    Now, the new series of ads simply copy quotes from islamists. Therefore, what is hateful about showing the other side of the coin?

  • Charlie

    If you run an ad in Metro, you probably are thinking that people are going to see it. You can spout all the jingoist rhetoric you want, but for the love of God, make ONE CALL to a graphic designer. Even if it is mindless drivel, why not make it look comprehensible, and dare I say, nice? This is embarrassing.

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  • Iraqi

    The U.S. supported Bin Laden to establish Al-Qaeda, the U.S. killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq