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Is This Ridiculous? Valentine’s Day Prison Tattoos

With Valentine's Day exactly a week away, it's time to make plans. Will you cook your special friend dinner at home, or try to snag a restaurant reservation? Or will you take them to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment for temporary prison tattoos?

On Feb. 14 and Feb. 15, the Chinatown museum is bringing back its "Crimes of Passion" promotion. For $45 a couple, lovebirds are handcuffed together and sent through the museum, looking at the titular crimes of passion, like O.J. and Nicole Simpson.

At the late-night version of Crimes of Passion, running from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Feb. 15th, couples will wear temporary versions of popular prison tattoos.

'When they pick their tattoo, they don't even know what they're picking," says Janine Vaccarello, the museum's chief operating officer. The surprise comes at the end, when couples learn the tattoos' meanings. That teardrop tat didn't just mean you cry a lot after all.

The prison chic thing's a little tacky. The whole Crimes of Passion experience generally is, in fact—enough so that the museum's website reminds visitors that domestic violence doesn't qualify as "crime of passion."

On the other hand, imagine the look on your beloved's face when she discovers that the five-point crown on her shoulders means she's in the Latin Kings now.

So, readers, is this ridiculous?

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Prison photo by Shutterstock.

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  • Caroline

    Of course it's ridiculous, and in poor taste. But then, what C&P stunt hasn't been?

  • Elijah


  • Paul the Man

    I did this 2 years ago with my then girlfriend and it was the most unique VD thing we have done. Pretty funny watching the other guys pulling thier significant others around the place. Better than dinner out.