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NY Post Columnist Thinks You’re Dirty

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams visited Washington recently. And judging by her column title, "Nation's Crap-ital," she did not have a good time.

"I now know what DC stands for," writes Adams. "District of Crapola."

Adams' criticism is all over the place, but largely sticks to two themes: Politicians are old, and D.C. is dirty. Below, a nonexhaustive list of things Adams compares D.C. to:

  • Filth
  • Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • A sewer.
  • A condemned building.
  • "A third-world backwater."
  • A war zone.

She also doesn't like our "junky clothes." Unfortunately for Adams' argument, she thinks that Georgetown isn't part of D.C.:

You who people Washington, who enjoy the luxury of Chevy Chase and Georgetown, the Potomac, bike trails, affluent residential gardens of Maryland and Virginia, and choose not to live in DC, should be ashamed of yourselves.

But who needs geography when you have Purell-fueled fever dreams?

Drive into it, drive by the approach, see how rank it is. How murky. How smelly. How putrid. How vile. The area’s a sewer. It lacks only a dead body decaying there.

Slamming Washington for having the same problems other cities do is a classic story. But Adams, visiting at the same time that Washington's median income and population are up and the homicide rate is down, could not have picked a more ridiculous time to write it.

But maybe I'm being too hard on her. Maybe she saw "BoomTown" and decided to give us some cover.

Cindy Adams photo by Shutterstock.

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  • Luke T

    Also, does she not notice Manhattan's streets are lined up full, ripened trash bags because the city cut back on trash pick up as part of budget cuts? THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.

    I've been working in both NYC and DC for much of last year. DC is far, far cleaner. This hag has lost it.

  • LoLo

    If this NY Post columnist condemns DC, we know we're doing something right. Love it.

  • Ann A

    She is irrelevant.

  • Kristin Laing

    Riiiiiight! Because people wearing Avenue Q costumes out in public AREN'T hypocrites! Because NYC is the cleanest city in the world! Mmhmm... Just how clean ARE the windows in that glass house, Cindy Adams??

  • tntdc

    Since the NY Post is nothing but gossip, understandable it's gossip columnist is out there.

  • Typical DC BS

    After reading Cindy's comments, I know exactly what she's talking about. She cruised in on New York Avenue. She's got a point. New York Avenue makes a terrible first impression on someone driving into DC.

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  • Novatronic

    I've been calling it the District of Crap since I moved here.

  • LeelahJames

    DC may look unimpressive on NY Avenue but so does taking the train from Charles de Gaulle Airport into Paris. The Paris suburbs leave much to be desired, but that's one part of the city. We know better, and so does Ol' Miss Adams.

    Pair this recent nonsense with the NYT hit-piece about DC being a boom town, and the story about Sotomayor calling U Street "scruffy", NY is hating on DC. I think that the ugly little sister of the Eastern Seaboard is growing into her looks and the older, glamorous, supermodel sister is jealous.

    I also get the sense that NYC is drinking some intense Haterade. NY had a real estate boom, the bubble burst like all the others around the country, and they felt the immediate impact. It hasn't happened here yet, so NYC is sitting back, licking its chops, and waiting for people here to suffer. So Cindy's piece isn't about garbage. It's about being broke.

    All cities have crummy neighborhoods, so until she is ready to hunker down in that big fur vest and pick up some mumbo sauce, she'd better have a seat.

  • Melissa

    does anyone even know who this chick is? and why is she wearing my dog's halloween costume?

  • Toni Mills

    This prehistoric bitch should shut her yap. How dare she trash the Nations Capitol. Take a closer look at the Rotten BIG APPLE and get more medication

  • Mike

    Has Cindy Adams ever driven into NYC from LGA airport? Talk about a great first impression of the city. And at least we can walk down our major streets at night without fear of a rat jumping out from the piles of garbage put out in front of its multi million dollar coop buildings. New York is great- it's residents and journalists should be secure enough not to have to disparage DC to feel good about themselves.

  • PJ

    Not sure which is more stunning: her vest or her hairline. Very chic.