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Dudes to Help Dudes Get Perfect Skin

Men of Washington who want to glisten, here's some good news. With the opening of W Men, D.C. is getting a dermatologist that's just for guys.

Washingtonian bills K Street's W Men as "the world’s first clinical practice dedicated to men’s dermatology and advanced cosmetic treatments." But will this dermatologist be like all the old-fashioned girly ones, in that it employs women? Aww, hell no.

Emphasis added:

“In some ways, when men come in, they’re happy with the services, but it’s like walking into the gauntlet. All of our doctors and nurses are female. Men just know this is more of a female atmosphere.”

The staff at W Men will be an all-male three-person team. Services will include Botox injections, laser-assisted hair removal and NeoGraft hair transplantation, laser therapy, tattoo removals, and body sculpting to remove fat—all services that Alster says are popular among her male patients. Also available: laser treatment to get rid of sweat glands in the armpit.

Natch. As Dr. Tina Alster, founder of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, tells Washingtonian: "Men will have a place to call their own.”

Skin care photo by Shutterstock.

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  • TakomaNick

    Nothing says manly man like botox and removal of underarm sweat glands...

  • Evan

    Cure for zits!: drink half cup of 'distilled' water mix in half tsp table salt (ie pure sodium chloride) @same time of day 2-3wks and all zits disappear (save some small surface ones if bad diet)! Maintain normal skin care but even more effective! If under 23yro do not use, dangerous to development of brain somehow! Best bet for u wld be 1-2 cups oj same time every day but too much at once won't absorb prop so spread them apart. Each causes higher blood ph where infections sickness and even cancer can't survive (why oj helps w/ cancer)! Zits are small infections. You're welcome:-)!

  • Semper Fi

    Men like that "brilliant law student and future public defender" profiled in the Post will have a place of their own, fugly gay men with money to burn.

    I have been told that in dog fight like frenzies men at various gay gyms around town, like Vida or Results have been known to tear each other's armpit sweat glands out with their teeth.