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Bonjour! Washington Is the New Versailles

As promised, Sean Hannity devoted his entire show Friday night to "BoomTown," an expose of our city and its filthy lucre. But instead of likening Washington to the Capitol from The Hunger Games, Hannity's guests opted for a new analogy: Now we're Versailles.

"Not only is Washington, D.C., becoming, you know, this new Versailles that reminds you of France under royalty, but they're doing it on borrowed money," author Peter Schweizer tells Hannity.

Schweizer took on Washington's lobbying and contracting glut, getting some help from the conflation of D.C. and the D.C. area, not to mention lots—and I mean lots—of B-roll of red wine being poured into a glass.  "If the media did a little bit of their job, they would be covering this as well," said Hannity. "But they don't."

Yeah, where's the media on this?

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  • DC

    I'm not going to waste an hour of my life of this, but I assume about halfway through it Hannity had an epiphany that much of that wealth came from two wars (he full-throated supported) and an over reaction (he helped stoke) to the limited threat of terrorism? No?

  • Jes’ sayin’

    They point fingers and scream and yell about everything that's ever wrong with DC.

    And yet, when the District succeeds, they cry like Nancy Kerrigan.

    F is for Faux. F them.

  • anons

    Hannity is a ridiculous child to be sure, but I watched ~15 minutes of this laughable report and was kinda shocked about one thing. Usually Hannity blames everything in the nation on "federal employees", but didn't mention them once in his report.

    He spent the entire time (of the 15 minutes I watched) to laying full blame at the feet of lobbyists and "influence pedalers, which is true. Lobbying expenditures in DC hit about 3.4 billion last year. It is part of the actual problem.

    However, in typical Hannity fashion he proceeded to completely ignore the elephant in the room, which is procurement spending in DC...i.e., the money spent on federal contracting in the DC metro area. It was 85 billion last year, up from 30 billion in 2001. All but a few percent of this mountain of money is spent on defense related contracting, spent on wars Hannity has been a cheerleader for for a decade. Kinda hard for him to critisize it now. Then again with his lacking mental faculties I am surprised he made the connection.

    He spent all his time talkabout fancy cars and resturants. Well, 3.5 billion a year doesn't come close to supporting all of it. 85 billion though...thats some serious change.

  • Jane

    If this is Versailles then where the hell are my diamond-encrusted slippers?!

  • Ben

    This whole discussion was ridiculously one-sided and inaccurate. Sure, let's blame the lobbyist...but than not talk about the recent Supreme Court ruling that blew the lid off of political funding. No discussion of funding two wars etc...the victimhood of the right never ceases to amaze.

  • BarbaraWard1

    Where was former DC Councilman and frequent Hannity guest Michael Brown?

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