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BARACK, GAYGUY, and BATMAN on 68-Page List of Banned D.C. Vanity Plates

Bad news for Washingtonians who want license plates honoring Doctor Who, Barack Obama, or Bruce Wayne—plates related to those things are all on a whopping 68-page list of words that can't be used on D.C. vanity license plates, newly obtained by open records site the Government Attic and available in full below.

The collection of banned names, ominously known as the "Forbidden Tag List," contains a dizzying number of mischievous titles the Department of Motor Vehicles suspects its customers might try to get across. Titan of Trinidad picked out some of the best, including:

  • CHEF

There are many more that are just as baffling—BATMAN is forbidden, as is KOALA. Then there are the 69 phrases (BEAR69, 69ASAP) and the 420 ones (JEDI420, 420LOVE). But the DMV also seems to have a heartening paternal interest in keeping drivers from looking like dorks on the road, with bans on otherwise innocuous plates like 4MYKIDS, LUVUMOM, and ROADSTR.

Update, 2:05 p.m.: RONPAUL is also banned.

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  • Antonette

    Maybe some of the words are retired because they were already used. So, now they are banned.

  • Petworthy

    Yeah, some of these are being used. N1GR8TR is on the list. I see that plate everyday and wonder wht it isn't on a list somewhere. . .

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  • R_Street_Rat

    This would be a good resource for coming up with those annoying user names.

  • Orioles Fan

    Hey at least ORIOLES hasn't been banned. Take that Nats fans.