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Tonight, Sean Hannity Exposes “BoomTown” D.C.

The Washington area is doing better than some other parts of the country, as the New York Times never tires of pointing out, again and again. And now Sean Hannity's airing a special expose tonight called BoomTown on how we're sucking the rest of the United States dry.

"We'll investigate BoomTown: Washington D.C., where the business politics is making a lot of people—their friends, their cronies—rich, and they're using your money," Hannity promises in a tease.

Later in the video, author Peter Schweizer describes Washington as "a place that is awash with money."

"Influence and access...political power....private corporate jets..." Schweizer continues. Then another voice cuts in, as wine is poured into a glass on-screen: "They like the higher-end stuff."

With all this talk about its decadent tastes, Washington comes off sounding like the urban personification of that sheikh in Taken. Anyway, Fox News, 9 p.m. Be there or be not feeling bad about being an effete liberal East Coaster.

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  • patricia plesh


    I could not believe how bad the lobbying business is and the amount of $$ spent! I guess it is no wonder we have greedy and corrupt Congressmen! It sickens me to think
    Congress can authorize wasteful spending and then have the audacity to tax us more for their incompetence while they live lives of privilege and retire w/large pensions and healthcare - not much different than what some unions
    offer! We really need to put pressure on disallowing their ability to vote in their own raises etc; they are citizens just as we are and DO NOT deserve any special H/C, perks for their desired public service. Those jobs are govt service jobs and do not deserve any more than our military.

  • Local resident

    Those fools spent an hour babbling about how much money flows through DC. They failed to mention that this region is one of the most (if not "the" most) highly educated places in the nation (if not world). Hence, educated people tend to be paid more (because they are few in number) and tend to accumulate wealth in general. But leave it to chickenhawk Hannity to peddle misleading information about successful individuals who live in a place where he doesn't fit in. Unlike him, people here earn their credentials. He's wrong now....and has been wrong on almost everything since 2007.

  • Non-local resident

    There you go ladies and gentleman..I give you exhibit A as to what's wrong.

    Oh local resident...baaaa goes the sheep who only thinks it's being sheered...Does the money follow the educated ones or do the educated ones follow the money?

    You're one more "local resident" indulging in all the "NON-LOCAL" money that gets spent in that town.....You talk like that money ORIGINATED in DC....No sir, it was taken from everywhere in this country...and not to finance your "well educated" playground I might add.....

    So "local resident" throws mud at Hannity (not my fave either) instead of dealing with the topic at hand....

    The first step to fixing the problem is acknowledging we have one. Isn't it time to do something about this?

  • Corporate Overlord

    Dear Mr. Hannity,

    Who on God's green earth do you think that you work for? When did you become some left wing, Birkenstock-wearing, pot smoking, shower-avoiding, welfare-loving hippy? Do you understand who pays you? Please get back to stirring up deep-seated race-based fears of Fox's viewers and duping the masses with various social issues-based diversions. If you choose to expose us like this again, you will find yourself in need of a new job.

    Thank you.


    Your Corporate Overlords (and Fox News sponsors)