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National Zoo Orangutans Get iPads

It's obvious that the National Zoo orangutans are smart, since they don't use their climbing ropes above the zoo's central pedestrian walkway to drop onto visitors. Now they're going to get even more enrichment, because they have iPads:

With the tap of a finger, keepers are introducing the Zoo’s six orangutans to iPads, which provide unique stimuli. They found that 36-year-old Bonnie likes to bang on the drums, 16-year-old Kyle prefers the piano and 25-year-old Iris is content to listen to the soothing sounds of the koi pond while watching animated fish splash.

Pretty chill orangutan. Jump to 1:28 to see an orangutan play the drums.

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  • Mr. Thell

    This is a horrible, horrible mistake. When it happens, we will look back on this and say: That is how it began.

  • Colleen Reed

    Thanks for mentioning Apps for Apes! Learn more about the iPad enrichment program at Orangutan Outreach: {:(|}