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The Needle: Party Time

Party Like It's 2009: Now that Barack Obama's been sworn in for a second term, here are the bars and restaurants that are staying open extra late. +4

Big City, Small Sign: Mayor Vince Gray carried a D.C. voting rights sign in the inaugural parade. -1

Second Term Blues: Intrepid Breitbart reporter Matthew Boyle uncovered the inauguration's greatest tragedy—people forced to use the Metro:

Police and security units blocked off streets around Capitol Hill, forcing swaths of people wishing to see Obama take the oath of office again to walk or use the Washington, D.C., subway system–known as the “Metro.”


Hank's Returns: A Thursday fire can't keep Hank's on the Hill closed. The oyster restaurant reopened over the weekend. +1

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  • Mrs. D

    Your Breitbart link misdirects. Not that it's any great loss. Oh, the horror that you can't just roll your suburban up onto Pennsylvania Ave. and watch from it's multiple-climate controlled comfort! Or drive up on my lawn and park because, well, you DESERVE a convenient parking spot and my yard is pretty close, so, it should be open to the public. Taking public transit that is working overtime to make the commute as painless as possible...WHERE WILL THE INDIGNITIES END???

  • Will Sommer

    Thanks, link's fixed now. And I tend to agree with you--the em dash in front of the Metro makes it sound so ominous.