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Wendy Rieger: Still the Best

Is there anything NBC4's Wendy Rieger can't do? Her coverage of Hurricane Sandy made the storm bearable ("It just goes all flat...Kinda like my datin’ life."), and now she's started swearing on-air!

An early return from commercial break yesterday caught Rieger saying, "Shoot the shit, it's really funny." Later that day, Rieger apologized for the slip.

But sailor talk hasn't dissuaded Rieger's fans. As one DCRTV letter-writer says, "Wendy Rieger could say 'shoot the shit' or just about anything else and I'd still think she's a slice of heaven on earth."

Correction: Rieger apologized yesterday, not today.

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  • http://yahoo stan

    Wendy I love you. I saw that slip of the tongue that day no worries I love your sassy confident swagger that you havve I thinkyou and Vance are great together well to you work well with everyone. I wish I could be the knight in shinning armour for you. I will watch you till you retire a breath of fresh air you are. Very sexey, sweet lady don't change god bless.