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Washington Post Bureau Chief Suspended Over Panama Plagiarism

After William Booth, the Washington Post's Mexico bureau chief, was caught plagiarizing four sentences in a story earlier this week, it didn't seem like there would be many consequences. Booth insisted it was an accident, and the paper's ombudsman reported that Booth probably wouldn't be fired.

But it looks like Booth will see some of the "severe and appropriate action" the Post promised. The Post suspended Booth yesterday over the plagiarism, The Wrap reports.

In an email yesterday, Booth stuck by his claim that the plagiarism was accidental. Andrea Hricko, the University of Southern California professor Booth plagiarized, declined to comment, except to write that the Post had handled the incident with "the utmost integrity and professionalism."

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  • Typical DC BS

    The Post is rapidly becoming a laughingstock. Their biases are so blatant outside the opinion pages, it's becoming harder to read every year.

  • Watchdog

    Every time a high-profile Post reporter gets caught, the punishment is minimal, if at all. Stealing another's words and passing them off as your own is.....STEALING. And in journalism, when your credibility is all you have, once branded a thief you can no longer practice your craft. That he wasn't fired speaks volumes to that standard of trust with the reader.