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Here’s the Grocery Store Vincent Orange Helped Keep Open

Does this look like a scene from a grocery store that should be kept open? If you're At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange—and the store is owned by one of your big campaign donors—the answer seems to be yes.

In a story first broken by Titan of Trinidad, Orange showed up at NoMa's Sam Wang Produce during a Dec. 21 health inspection and demanded to talk to inspectors' bosses. Orange's appearance meant that Sam Wang stayed open longer before it was eventually forced to close, but he claims that he was only trying to arrange a new inspection.

But new photos of Sam Wang taken during the health inspection—obtained by City Desk through a Freedom of Information Act request—reveal that, if anything, the Department of Health was underestimating the level of rat infestation at Sam Wang. Rat crap covers the floor, the walls, even egg cartons. Of the 20 pictures provided by the Department of Health, 7 of them have "droppings" in the file name.

There are lots more pictures after the jump, including uncovered tomatoes next to rat poop. But first, consider that even if you don't go to Sam Wang yourself, you could be eating food that is stored there, since the business acts a wholesaler. As Orange said on Twitter yesterday, filling restaurant orders was one reason Sam Wang needed to reopen.

Eggs at Sam Wang were stored right on top of peppers, which could breed food contamination. During the inspection, employees separated the eggs and peppers.

Here's some rat poop, right next to uncovered vegetables.

Sam Wang's walk-in refrigerator was covered with pools of water, according to the inspection report.

Some more rat droppings to close.

Orange's office didn't respond to requests for comment, and Sam Wang Produce owner Sang Oh Choi, a frequent donor to Orange's various campaigns, couldn't be reached at his business.

Photos by D.C. Department of Health via FOIA

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  • What?


  • Typical DC BS

    And DC residents keep voting for this turd.

  • The Java Master

    dc citizns don't deserve any better than this if they keep voting for this crap

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Looking at this picture, I lost my appetite.

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  • tntdc

    "Corner Store".

  • truthbetold

    Nasty! Nasty! WOW!I am sick to my stomach! VO is a fool! Who would ever vote for him!


    Note that DC residents did NOT support him by a margin of 2 to 1. He won with a whopping 30% of the vote, but the field was crowded and two (much more) competent folks split the vote! What an irony - to end up with him because of too many good options! Please don't talk about what DC residents deserve, as though we are being righteously punished. We know he's no good... but politics are a weird game we play.

  • lovessoldier

    So is this the place that the corner stores in SE (the one's that Barry was critizing) get their food products?

  • DC Native

    whoever runs against Orange just got a huge present.

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  • Papillion Bon

    Dude V Orange fought a lot les for his 'campaign volunteers and now he deserves the smears.


    Fix the link and remove Vincent Gray's name

    "•Inside the disgusting grocery store at-large councilmember Vincent Gray helped keep open [City Desk]"

  • IMGoph

    Not in NoMa. The Capital City Market area is not part of that BID.