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Gilbert Arenas Knocks Man Down With Power Of His Mind

Not even China can keep Agent Zero down. Former Wizards star Gilbert Arenas may be a Shanghai Tiger now, but that doesn't stop him from pulling mind-bending moves like the above, in which he tricks a defender into falling all over himself. It's enough to make you want Arenas to come back and turn things around in Washington.

Arenas' cunning moves should come as no surprise, though, since you really can't get good at bourré without a sharp mind. And possibly a gun.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Wonder how much Gilbert is getting paid to play in China? Also, is he learning any Chinese? And finally, did he drag his conniving baby mama and four kids along for the ride, or are they still in LA sponging off his money?

  • Andrew

    Man, I miss Gilbert. He was so awesome before he went bonkers (or maybe he was always bonkers, but contained it.)