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Uber Launches Cab Service for D.C.

Now that its legal status in the District has been settled, sedan service Uber is after a new market: taxi dispatch. In a release today, the service announced the addition of taxis to its popular app-based service.

So far, Uber-dispatched cabs will only be available for trips starting in the District. Cab trips would be cheaper than a similar ride in a sedan, with passengers being charged the usual $2 taxi dispatch fee and 20 percent gratuity.

The enthusiastically named UberTAXI is entering a crowded field, with rivals like myTaxi and incoming London-based competitor Hailo. One problem the company won't have to deal with, though, are future undercover stings. The D.C. Taxi Cab Commission doesn't have an issue with UberTAXI so far.  "I wouldn't see necessarily any problems," DCTC spokesman Neville Waters said.

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  • Rider

    So will UberTaxi have its own fleet of marked cabs? Or are they contracting with other cab companies to dispatch whoever's closest? Or is this a different way of ordering one of the Uber black sedans? Or what? How will this actually work?

  • JS

    Assuming it works the same way it works for Uber and taxis in Boston, they contract with other cab companies.

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  • TheContrarianOne

    This service is absolutely FABULOUS!!!

  • mister clean

    Does Uber still hire ex-cons?