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Pot Junkies Terrorize D.C. Parties

Guys, Washingtonians are smoking pot at parties, and the Washington Post is on it:

A new challenge is figuring out how we’re all supposed to navigate dinners, cocktail parties, barbecues and cross-generational family get-togethers as more people liken puffing on a joint to sipping a glass of wine, while others still consider it a malodorous habit that’s best done not at all, or at least far from our house.

First of all, don't light a joint at your cross-generational family get-togethers unless your great-aunt does first. Second: For people with jobs and houses—even people older than 30!—smoking weed isn't a particularly new phenomenon. I myself have witnessed adults smoking pot multiple times, so the Post is definitely onto something here.

Nevertheless, writer Kyle Spencer endeavors to create a Washington pot code of etiquette. As Reason's Mike Riggs points out, this is a particularly affluent white Washington problem, since plenty of pot-using Americans are probably more concerned about doing jail time than not getting an eighth as a hostess gift. Nevertheless, Spencer's rules are essentially:

  • Bring enough to share.
  • Be discreet.
  • Smoke in your host's backyard.
  • Don't invite people with security clearances to weed parties.

And of course, just be chill, dude.

Pot photo by Shutterstock.

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  • ah

    Does this actually happen . . . someone just busts out some bud at a party without prior discussion?

  • DC Native

    Yea, Spencer's article was a bit silly but at least we're talking about this.

    I was at a bar on H St. and a dude busted out a pipe and lit up. He wasn't even trying to hide it. I used to do that back when weed smoke was easily covered up by cigarette smoke. A week smoker myself, I would have preferred him step outside. I don't like someone else's smoke no matter what it is, and it could have gotten the bar in to trouble.

  • Typical DC BS

    @DC Native: Saw the same thing happen at a bar in Adams Morgan late one night last decade. After about 60 seconds, a guy from the other end of the bar got up from his seat, walked up to toker, showed his MPD badge and arrested him. Still pays to be careful.

  • anon

    to quote Keith Richards bathroom drug converstation -- "Either keep it down or break it out"