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D.C. Won’t Prosecute David Gregory Over Gun Magazine

Looks like NBC's David Gregory won't have to turn to the life of a fugitive, after all. Despite waving around a 30-round magazine that's illegal under District law on a Dec. 23 Meet the Press broadcast, Gregory won't be prosecuted, D.C. attorney general Irv Nathan announced in a letter this afternoon.

Having carefully reviewed all of the facts and circumstances of this matter, as it does in every case involving firearms-related offenses or any other potential violation of D.C. law within our criminal jurisdiction, OAG has determined to exercise its prosecutorial discretion to decline to bring criminal charges against Mr. Gregory, who has no criminal record, or any other NBC employee based on the events associated with the December 23, 2012 broadcast.

So Gregory gets away scot-free, despite having committed a crime. In the letter, Nathan describes not pressing charges as a "very close" decision.

This won't do much for detractors like the Washington Times' Emily Miller, who complains the District is letting Gregory off the hook while others are prosecuted for violating magazine laws. (Alas, nor will it do much for anyone who wishes Sunday morning talk shows would simply go away.)

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  • Kat

    That's cool. I gave up my handgun when I moved to the city because I couldn't afford the crazy registration fees, even though I'm a military veteran. When I was raped in my apartment I was totally defenseless, because for some strange reason when you reach for a phone a rapist just grabs it from you and throws it across the room. But hey, David Gregory is a rich white guy so the laws don't apply to him.

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  • Bob

    Kat, couldn't agree more. I think people should stage a hi-cap sit-in in DC and force the police to either not take action on everyone or arrest everyone.

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  • DCA

    Just an observation: Penn & Teller use a real .357 magnum revolver in their stage act, and when they played the Warner a few years ago, they announced that the gun was in the custody and safekeeping of an MPD officer backstage before and after the trick. NBC could probably have made the same kind of arrangement for the magazine.

  • DC Resident

    Nothing like trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. The AG was correct.

  • Joe

    I'd like to advocate Emily Miller being arrested though, for being a shitty journalist and an NRA shill.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Typical DC liberal - thinks the law doesn't apply to them because they're "Special". David Gregory is just another NYC douchebag with a big mouth and rich liberal's sense of entitlement.