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Uber Expects Inauguration Price Surge

If you're planning to use now-legal sedan service Uber to get between parties in the days leading up to the inauguration, get ready to pay. The company expects to implement surge pricing for the inauguration, according to general manager Rachel Holt.

Uber's surge pricing—meant to encourage more drivers to get on the streets—can make the usual Uber fare as much as eight times more expensive.

"Given the unusually high demand anticipated on Inauguration weekend, we expect that there will be points where surge pricing will be triggered," Holt writes in an email.

No word on whether a sobriety test will be required this time.

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  • al stapleton

    Why put up with surge pricing when there is a better alternative available? Check out Companies bid on your ride requests in a live auction! You get a luxury car without a luxury price. Cool!

  • Typical DC BS

    Maybe, horrors, you'll just have to take a real taxi from party to party. I guarantee you there will be plenty of them outside all the venues.

  • Fuck Uber

    Surge pricing...let me tell you about this surge pricing. On nYE in S.F., uber was charging surge pricing during a point when there was NO demand for Uber. I know because I was wasting my time driving for Uber that night. By using the consumer version of the app, you could clearly see that tgerewere so many uber drivers on the road that cars overlapped everywhere in the city. I and other drivers sat for HOURS waiting for fares that were not coming (due in large part to an email Uber sent out to customers informing them that if they wanted to use Uber you can expect to pay an insane amount of $). Surge pricing was in effect even though there was no demand. Ill also tell you that Uber performs no background checks or drug tests on their drivers, no safety inspections on vehicles and the way that a fare is calculated is incorrect as it relies on gps software that doesnt work correctly to begin with (if you've ever used Uber and your driver had to call you to find out where you are or just showed up at the wrong place altogether its probably due to a wrong address being issued by the software). None of this seems very uber IMO.

  • Tracie Crisante

    Maybe, just maybe, ALL the taxi cabs should implement "surge pricing" also. I mean, if the cities and towns that are allowing Uber and their ilk to operate think it's okay WHY wouldn't it be okay for taxis?? Sickening.

  • Robert

    Why subject yourself to surge pricing when you can hire a sedan service (RMA) at a fixed price? The car will be where you want it when you want it, driven by a chauffer that has been drug tested, pased a thorough background check and has recived 40 hours of training. In a vehicle that has $5million dollars in liablity insurance and has been meticulsoy maintained. This is just a few of the differences between choosing a transportation company and a tech company.