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Video: Bros Jump Off the Key Bridge and Live

Yesterday's Key Bridge jumper incident snarled interstate traffic and inspired snarky tweets, but fortunately, it didn't involve an actual jump.

But attempting to leap off the Key Bridge doesn't always inspire such drama. Sometimes, as in the surprisingly well-produced video above, it's just two bros wearing Burger King crowns, plummeting into the Potomac.
The video above, of two unknown Georgetown students jumping off the bridge and swimming away, first appeared in October 2009, only to disappear when university administrators started investigating. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, it's finally back.

While the jumpers jog away at the end, their feat did have consequences. The video's description warns that one of the jumpers—"King #2"—needed treatment for a partially collapsed lung after the stunt.

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  • Don

    I wonder if they ever suffered academic sanctions? One contacted us trying to get us to scrub our coverage of the event in an effort to avoid repercussions from the school.

  • steve brodie

    thanks for your concern - fortunately we managed to battle through the huge and unnecessary administrative crap storm and move on to productive lives

  • ron burgundy

    "productive" is a bit generous

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