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District Line Daily: Gay Marriage at the National Cathedral

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Sign of the times: AP reports that the National Cathedral is set to announce today that it will perform same-sex marriages.


  • Kaya Henderson: "There is no widespread cheating at DCPS." [Post]
  • Council makes punishment softer for welfare recipients who won't do job training. [Post]
  • Key Bridge jumper, who never actually jumped, in custody. [Examiner]
  • D.C. attorney general looking into David Gregory's magazine-waving. [Post]
  • Rapist who posed as cab driver to lure victims into a cab with locked doors convicted. [WTOP]
  • Vincent Orange going after elementary school illiteracy. [Examiner]
  • Future of Silver Spring Transit Center up in the air. [Examiner]
  • Gov. Bob McDonnell is going to make everyone buy gas in Virginia. [Post]


Photo of the Day: Man With Blindfold.

March on the White House: If Barack Obama won't put D.C.'s "Taxation Without Representation" plates on his limos, the D.C. Council might tell him to—in person.

Pole Positioning: A former stripper at the trendy Stadium Club alleges that she was told she could get her job back...if she performed sexual favors for a manager.

Trying Something New: Misun, a three-person band in Washington, tacks away from woozy pop on new song "Harlot."

LOOSE LIPS, by Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman. (tips?

  • Michelle Rhee talks test cheating, or lack thereof. [Frontline]
  • Kaya Henderson says former Noyes principal is a greedy liar and that Frontline employs hacks. [Post]
  • Marion Barry wants tax breaks for organ donors. [Post]
  • Board of Elections says it's okay to vote on budget autonomy measure. Irv Nathan loses.  [Times]
  • Vincent Orange wants to mandate that all District children can read. [Examiner]
  • Jaffe: put extra money into pockets of cops and fire fighters. [Examiner]
  • District tightens up TANF requirements. [Examiner]

HOUSING COMPLEX, by Housing Complex columnist Aaron Wiener. (tips? )

  • City launches program to help tech companies secure funding. [WJLA]
  • Budget autonomy is headed for the ballot. [DCist]
  • If the Pigskins paid for a D.C. stadium and the city just covered parking, it could still be a bad deal. [GGW]
  • Visualize CaBi trips. [MV Jantzen]
  • Inauguration will have a park-and-walk bike parking station a mile from the Mall. [DCist]
  • Douglas Development gets into the charter school business. [WBJ]
  • Federal government intervention skews the real estate market. [Smart Growth America]
  • The Whitman Walker clinic will expand two blocks south on 14th Street NW. [WBJ]
  • Today on the market: Cul-de-sac city living (barely)

ARTS LINKS, by Ally Schweitzer (tips?

  • James Taylor, who played a role in both the American Dime Museum and Palace of Wonders/Red Palace, talks about what went wrong at those ventures [Huffington Post D.C.]
  • Kennedy Center announces that Eva Longoria (as host), George LopezMario LopezChita Rivera, and Rita Moreno will be a part of its "Latino Inaugural 2013" on Sunday [AP via Huffington Post]
  • Protests and controversy at last night's Zero Dark Thirty premiere at the Newseum [WTOP]
  • The Library of Congress acquires thousands of sports audio recordings from a San Francisco radio show [AP via WTOP]
  • Some area residents have embraced kirtan, a form of spiritual chanting, in lieu of a more passive religious practice [Post]
  • What D.C.-set films and TV shows may clean up at the Golden Globes? [Washingtonian]

FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman (tips?

  • Sports bars get a culinary upgrade [NoVa Mag]
  • Trash-to-table: the reinvention of fine dining [Post]
  • Cash-strapped Post cuts back on cafeteria [City Desk]
  • An update on Mike Isabella's Kapnos and G [Washingtonian]
  • Mother Rucker's Subs now open. [PoPville]
  • Six iconic D.C. eateries [Zagat]
  • Lotus Grill now open in Shirlington. [ARLnow]

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  • Chuck Anziulewicz

    Some things to remember:

    1: None of the legal benefits of marriage come from the church, they come from government.

    2: Couples have never needed a church's approval to obtain a marriage license.

    3: Churches will never be compelled to provide ceremonies for Gay couples, any more than they are compelled to provide ceremonies for Atheist or Jewish or Muslim couples.

    4: While most churches will probably be unwilling to cater to Gay couples, there are plenty of churches that are more welcoming. On the happiest day of their lives, no Gay couple will be interested in having a wedding in a place where they are met with hostility. Fortunately the Episcopal Church welcomes Gay couples.