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The Needle: Vulture Culture

Avian Anxiety: Biologists are resorting to fireworks and frozen vulture corpse displays in an attempt to scare the carrion birds away from Leesburg. +3

Cornball Network: ESPN isn't renewing the contract of Rob Parker, the analyst who questioned whether Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is authentically black or is just a "cornball brother." But Parker says ESPN employees knew what he was going to say before the show taped and didn't have a problem with it. -2

New New New New Republic: Now that the New Republic is in the money, it's got a new logo. It's definitely a step away from the last design, which had an Age of Exploration-theme, but the new logo'll probably seem normal in a month, and what more can you ask of a new look? +1

Ovechkin Chic. The Capitals' Alexander Ovechkin wore a Russian T-shirt today that reads, according to a translation, “Am I really the most attractive one here, again?” +1

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    Parker made his bed. Of course they knew, it worked out great for them all around. Expecting different is another misjudgment. But everyone deserves another chance to learn, good luck with the next career move.