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Metro: Throwing Rocks at Buses “Not Just a Prank”

Last month, Metro decided not to pull bus service from Southeast neighborhoods where rock-throwers attack buses, despite the apocalyptic nature of the whole thing. Now the Post's Dr. Gridlock reports that the transity agency's trying a new tactic: asking nicely.

"Throwing rocks at buses or cars is not just a prank" the flyer reads. "It's a dangerous crime."

Is smashing bus windows with rocks even that much of a prank? Either way, the flyer goes on to urge parents to remind their children not to attack buses with stones.

If you're still considering tossing a few stones at the W6 bus, the flyer has other ideas:  "Think twice and just don’t do it!"

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  • Proofread

    Can MPD at least proofread this stuff? The first like should read "A reminder from the Metropolitan Police and Metro Transit Police" and the "DC Police/MPD" should just read "Metropolitan Police". They're not "DC Police" they're the Metropolitan Police Department.

  • Transport-

    In addition to Proofread's comments above, the type of bus shown in the image on left has not been used in Metrobus service for over one year. Not a big deal, but WMATA doesn't have updated images of its buses?

  • SockPuppet

    @Transport- Wouldn't that give them a newer target guide?

  • Bryce Roth

    Well maybe Metro should stop breaking the law and running red lights, cutting off cars, and speeding through the street.