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Donald Trump Wants to Avoid D.C. Taxes

Insatiable media hog Donald Trump is no fan of high taxes in public policy, and he's sticking to that position in his business life. The Washington Business Journal reports that Trump's organization has been trying to wriggle out of paying District taxes on its Old Post Office hotel development.

Since the Old Post Office is a federal property, Trump doesn't have to pay property taxes to D.C. But he's not exempt from the possessory interest tax, established in 2000 to tax companies operating on federal land. The Old Post Office's tax bill could start at $3 million a year, according to the Business Journal.

Two Trump employees, hilariously described in the story as "Trump operatives," have been trying to get unspecified "relief" on the tax from the city. So far, the District has refused.

If Trump does score a break, that likely won't be popular with Union Station's managers, who just agreed to pay $7.5 million of their own possessory interest tax bill.

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  • melvin polatnick

    It would be wrong for NBC to curb one nasty word out of the mouth of D.Trump. But he must not cross the line on racially sensitive issues or attempt to speak about the issues of pedophilia, incest or bestiality.

  • Typical DC BS

    Depends who Trump hires to push his case. DC is full of "fixers" for hire who have various councilmembers ears and balls in their pockets.

  • JohnInNoVa

    If "The Donald" can pay his fair share of taxes in DC...... he should move along and let another developer deal with the Old Post Office Building. Truly, we really don't want him anywhere near our Nation's Capitol!

  • JohnInNoVa

    that was supposed to be: "can't pay his fair share of taxes".

  • LorneMarr

    Well, Mr.Trump could simply get rid of those properties and start a new life, for instance, in Russia. I hear the country's being very welcoming and popular, especially among artists...

  • Sher

    Of course he doesn't. Everyone knows that *real* men don't pay taxes or contribute to the communities that enable them to prosper. Especially this guy, who has done DC a big enough favor by just showing up.

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