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Is This Ridiculous? Apartment Twitter Wall on I Street NE

Washington is a city in flux, with potential new trends appearing every day. Along the way, we encounter things that have the potential to be nice but may also be a bit much, like bike karaoke and shortened neighborhood names.

To clarify complicated feelings on emerging issues, it's time to ask an important question: "Is this ridiculous?"

First up: the Twitter wall at new H Street corridor apartment complex AVA. According to Alden Leonard, a publicist for the complex, the screen displays trending topics pulled from tweets sent within the three-mile radius surrounding the I Street NE building. "'Redskins' has recently taken up a big chunk of the screen, especially on game days," Leonard writes in an email.

Weighing in favor of the Twitter wall's ridiculousness is its close link, like so many of Washington's most lovable/hateable things in Washington, with gentrification: Studios at AVA start at $1,645. On the other hand, the wall could be fun to take in on a day when there's, say, a mayoral indictment or an earthquake.

Is this ridiculous? I'm on the fence. Readers?

Photo courtesy of AVA.

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  • IMGoph

    time to get some really randy stuff trending nearby to embarrass the hell out of the developers.

  • Graham

    It's ridiculous. And unnecessary. Though it would be cool when there was important events happening. But I'd rather a picture of dogs playing poker or something.

  • LoLo

    Is there really a market for $1645 studios here? I thought we had a few good years before it turned into Adams Morgan. :(

  • Elizabeth

    Welp, the tweets won't be as gentrified as the residents at AVA, so this plan is likely to backfire. I wonder how long the DC Police handle takes to get trending.

    And let me just say that color scheme is unfortunate. If you want to go for trendy Paris hostel, fine, but I'm not bringing my date home to an overpriced Carni fun house.

  • kob

    Electronic graffiti, largely incomprehensible, sprinkled with colorful language, loads of stupid.

  • er

    sure to ruffle the stodgy feathers of dc. in other words, it's fun.

  • Ant

    Wow $1645 for studio to live close to H St. Thats just insane

  • Buzy Bee

    The price is just ridiculous. You pay that to live on H Street and still go out your front door and get knocked in the head or robbed........What a trendy price to pay.

  • Nathan

    If it was showing tweets from folks in the building, that would be ridiculous. And in a dense urban area like this, 3 miles radius of tweets is also ridiculous. However, since the building is in a mixed use area, if they would reduce the tweet radius to, say, .5 miles, it could be a neat way of showing what businesses in the residents' neighborhood (H St NE, Union Station) are tweeting - a good way of keeping you up to date on specials, events, etc.

  • mighty

    HASHTAG IT!!!! #AVAsuxDonkey

  • Col. Brentwood

    That's what we used to pay for a studio in Cleveland Park. In a shitty old building, in shitty old Cleveland Park.

  • Troubling

    Bet you won't see any of this info about the developer flash up on the Twitter wall:

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