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Wizards Misery Report: Losing Right

With a 4-25 record so far, the Washington Wizards probably don't have a bright season ahead. But now the team has a perverse advantage: They've been playing so poorly that merely competing against the Wizards tarnishes their opponents.

Winning by Losing: The Dallas Mavericks' 103-94 win yesterday over the Wizards only seemed to highlight the Texas team's own weaknesses. Fox Sports wasn't impressed:

The second thing that needs to be said as Dallas snaps its six-game losing streak is: Don't you dare dismiss this as "Aw, it's just the Wizards'' ... because in Washington, all things considered, they probably approached this game by saying, "Aw, it's just the Mavs.''

Neither was the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Watching the Dallas Mavericks defeat the Washington Wizards 103-94 on Jan. 1 it is now apparent what the Mavs team requires – just play the Wizards all the time.

Bricking the Wall: Fortunately for his flagging team, injured star player John Wall plans to return this month.

More Records: But all is not well in the low expectations hidey-hole the Wizards have dug for themselves. The team still needs to win six more games to avoid tying the 9-73 worst NBA season record set by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers.

Graphic by Carey Jordan.

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