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The Needle: Creeping Cash


Big Money: It's long been difficult to track corporate contributions in District politics. Now, thanks to the D.C. Council, it's even harder. -4
Oi, Guvna: The Alexandria City Library system is holding two marathon Downton Abbey watch parties on Dec. 27 and Dec. 28. "We thought it'd be the perfect way to give people in the [...]

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Independence Avenue SE, December 18

Throwing a Virgin-Sacrificing Party Is Hard

Earlier this month, a Craigslist ad tried to recruit virgins to pose as end-of-the-world party props. But throwing a virgin-sacrificing Mayan calendar bash isn't all fun. In fact, judging by emails from the party planner, it actually sounds like a lot of hard work.
First of all, beggars can't exactly be choosers. And if you're hiring "virgins" [...]

Bike Karaoke Could Be Coming to D.C.

District Karaoke, one of Washington's most competitive karaoke leagues, could soon be going mobile. The group, which just finished its fall city-wide finals, has started raising money on Kickstarter to create a bike-borne karaoke machine.
"I can only imagine," says District Karaoke founder Jesse Rauch. "We go down to the National Mall and go to that [...]

Post Reporter Who Broke Gray Scandals Leaves Local

Nikita Stewart just won't leave Mayor Vince Gray alone. Stewart, the Washington Post Local reporter who dogged the mayor's first term with a series of scoops, is moving to a different department of the paper...but she's staying on the Gray investigation.
Stewart, who broke stories about Sulaimon Brown, fat government salaries, and the shadow campaign, is [...]

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600 Block H Street, NW.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

District Line Daily: We’re Rich, Sort Of

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The D.C. metro area's increasing wealth is attracting attention from upscale brands like Aston Martin, Tesla, [...]

The Needle: Closing Times

Layoffs Held Off: Layoffs that Fishbowl D.C. reports could eliminate a quarter of the Washington Times' staff are being delayed until January, either because of incompetent management or the CEO's wife's broken leg. Meanwhile, Times staffer Emily Miller accepted a $90 gift from Chairman Phil Mendelson. -2
Aloha: Goodbye to Daniel Inouye, Hawaiian senator and really [...]

Gay Activist Arrested While Dancing in Front of Black Israelites

The Black Israelites, the District's most medievally-dressed street preachers, got an assist Friday from an unlikely ally: the Metropolitan Police Department. In a video posted online after the incident, a man wearing a wig and skintight pants dances in front of the group outside the Chinatown Metro station before being hauled away by police.
The activist, [...]

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Hains Point, December 17

Free Taxi SoberRide Program Returns

So you indulged in a few too many bourbon-laced eggnogs and found yourself throwing back shots with the interns at the holiday office party. Bed is calling. But how are you getting home?
Thankfully for you and many other D.C. residents, SoberRide is back. Running from last Friday until Jan. 1, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s [...]

District Line Daily: Red Top Meters Killed

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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In some late-breaking news Friday, a driver for sedan service Uber was accused on a neighborhood [...]

Uber Driver Accused on Cleveland Park Email List of Raping Customer

News broke via the Cleveland Park email list today that a driver for the Uber sedan service allegedly raped a customer in Cleveland Park early Friday morning—and the crime was caught on tape.
Officer Hugh Carew, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department, confirms that police are investigating a forcible sexual abuse case in Cleveland Park [...]

After Connecticut Shooting, Gun Control Rally Planned for White House

Following today's shooting in Newtown, Conn., gun control activists are wasting no time pushing for tougher firearm laws. To start, a coalition of gun control groups is planning a rally in front of the White House at 4:30 p.m.
Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, pushed back against the idea that [...]

Porn Virus “Crippling” WJLA Computers

When an attachment's named something like "sexy.exe," how do you not click it? That kind of thinking is exactly what's landed WJLA's Rosslyn newsroom in trouble today, DCRTV reports. According to a newsroom memo, a porn-themed virus circulating through the newsroom is wreaking havoc.
"If you see something like porn.exe or sexy.exe or any other [...]