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The Needle: Topher

Bachelor Party: Will Bachelor Pad star Chris Bukowski name his upcoming "ladies sports bar" Buk & Doe, Bracket Room, In Theory, Over-Under, ChangeUp, Rolecab, or Topher? Which is worse? -5

College Park Explosives: Police found a third explosive device in a week in College Park today. -3

Hunger Pangs: Councilmember Mary Cheh calls an agreement over DCPS' school lunches "an abomination." -3

Christmas Eve Break: Federal employees will get Christmas Eve off. +1

Thursday's Needle rating: 11 Today's score: -11 Friday Before Christmas: +2 Mayan Apocalypse: -3 Friday's Needle rating: 0

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  • Jane

    Are those names for real? Even without context they scream "date rape".

  • D

    How often has the needle hit zero?